Deadly Ever After

A Vamptastic Welcome

Today’s Brew: Starbucks is 32 floors below me. So close yet so far.

by Kristen

Liz and I have safety arrived in Vegas!  Traveling takes 16 times longer than you ever expect to, and we got in kind of late. I hold Detroit completely responsible. Before you Michiganers get all up in arms by my finger pointing, remember that fog you had yesterday? Yeah. We almost had to land in Cleveland. And this week is not Christmas in Cleveland. It’s Christmas in Vegas!!

Oh, and we might have upgraded our rental car to a convertible Camaro.


Still, I INSISTED we go to the vampire bar I’ve been having a fit over all week. We didn’t get there until midnight, which sounds like, well, midnight in the suburbs, but in Vegas, it’s the perfect time to arrive. I’d planned to shoot ya’ll a video of our arrival, but:

  1. God damn, I was tired until we got in there.
  2. Party clothes can be only expected to compensate for so much of a full travel day.
  3. We’re totally going back.

By the way, ventiicedsugarfreecaramelsoylatte is now all one word.

After pouring some vodka down Liz’s throat, we settled in to the packed Count’s Vamp’d to watch Jake E. Lee perform. If you’re not an old rocker person, you might not know who the hell he is. Back in the mid 80’s he played guitar for Ozzy, like Bark At The Moon era Ozzy, and he also had another hairband called Badlands. So, right up my effin’ alley.

So here’s the best part about Las Vegas: all the old rocker dudes can’t afford to live in LA anymore, and they all moved here. So that bar was like my frigging Disneyland!  Put about 1o years on all the guys on my Pinterest boards. The place was lousy with long hairs. I may have whiplash.

I have one friend who still lives in Vegas, and we’re facebook friends but we haven’t seen each other since I moved.  I had a feeling we might see him at the show. I kept looking, but didn’t see him.  Liz just happened to zig instead of zag on the way out, and who was standing there but my friend Jason!!  So that was an awesome surprise, too.

OK, enough internet for me right now. Still on the hunt for Tristan I have to go raise hell in a Camaro.


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3 thoughts on “A Vamptastic Welcome

  1. What happens in Vegas, stays in a Camaro… 😉

  2. I’m so jealous! I want to go to a vampire bar!

  3. I just started my first blog today about Las Vegas & I’m very excited! If you could be nice enough to swing by & tell me how I’m doing that would really help me out! And I also started a cool new pod cast about my experiences in Las Vegas! If you’re a pod cast fan then you might really enjoy it! Thanks everyone!

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