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Christmas for Everybody

Today’s brew: Still seltzer. Bubbles make me happy.

by Kristen

You might not know this about me, but I will cry over just about anything. When a song comes on my iPod that reminds me of something good or bad, and especially commercials. So when I saw this Kohl’s commercial, of course I bawled.


It got me to thinking. Julie always adopts a kid off of a tree, and I’ve done it several times as well. Not only is someone getting presents who might not have otherwise, it feels damn good to do it. I always wind up going overboard. Last year, my little girl needed pajamas, but I wound up buying her an outfit as well. I’ve had a blast buying for little boys in the past, too.

Old people love me. It doesn’t matter how rocked out I am, senior citizens always seek me out and come talk to me. They’re fascinating. Look of pictures of people in the 60s, trailblazing, being free. Or those gorgeous 1950’s pinups.Those are today’s senior citizens. At one time, these people were just like us. I’ve spent more than my fair share of time visiting nursing homes, and I can never help but notice the people who never have anyone come and visit them. My heart breaks about it. So I thought, is there any program like the adopt a needy kid, but for seniors that didn’t have anyone?

I’m still in the middle of doing research, but in my area, so far, the answer seems to be no. This breaks my heart. I don’t care how old you are, not having anyone to celebrate Christmas with is the worst feeling in the world.

(There is an “adopt a senior” program, in which you send a check every month to cover the cost of meals on wheels and such. This upsets me, too. Could you imagine needing this program and not getting it because you can’t afford it?)

Kids believe in Santa, and it’s important to make sure they have something on that day. But Christmas is about goodwill towards others, no matter how old they are. We’re all going to get old someday, if we’re lucky. Hopefully we will be lucky enough not to be forgotten.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas for Everybody

  1. You have such a kind heart and I completely agree with you. đŸ™‚

  2. generations1926 on said:

    I agree. It’s also hard for me to see people who don’t have anyone to share holidays with, not because they are needy or forgotten, but because they are military families away from other family members. Being an Army wife myself, I make it a point to invite pretty much everyone I know over for holiday meals. It makes me feel good!

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