Deadly Ever After

Zombieland and Writing: Pretty Much the Same Thing


A Measure of Strangeness

Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like zombies. Or maybe that’s Easter. Anyway, a week ago, I was taking Andrea Judy and this happened: zombieland I’m not sure how/why the conversation started, but as NaNoWriMo winds down, I think this Zombieland/writing simile is pretty accurate and applicable to all writing. So, I present to you (with gifs!)…


Rule No. 1: Cardio

Writing is tough sometimes! Know what helps? Word sprints. It’s like brain cardio. Find some Twitter friends or MSN buddies and challenge each other to a sprint, whether it’s 1k in 1 hour or just to see how many words you can toss out in 15 minutes.


Rule No. 2: Double Tap

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. It’s a first draft. Kill characters. Fuck shit up. Make an endless trail of misery and sorrow for you MC to fight his/her way out of it. You’re not killing…

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