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I’m a Hack

Today’s brew: back to peppermint mocha! And it’s sugar free!

by Kristen

A writer friend close to me slipped and used the term “self-published hack” in front of me. I can’t get it out of my mind.

I won’t lie. It pissed me off.

Of course, you’re thinking Kristen, that doesn’t mean YOU.

Then who does it mean? I don’t know one self-published writer who has cackled as they hit publish on a deliberate steaming word pile of dog poo, thinking to themselves they’ve snowed us all with this one, because their next step after forcing us to buy their horrible ebook is world domination.

No. Self-published authors are still authors. They put their soul and spirit on the paper and then make it the best version of their story they can. They pay out of pocket for editing, formatting, cover design, and promotion. They are one man bands, micro publishers doing it all.

Because my book wasn’t published by a major corporation, does that make me less of an author? I don’t work for MAC, so does that mean I don’t know how to do makeup? Is a mechanic a hack because he has his own garage and doesn’t work for Midas or even better, the Walmart Auto Center?

Owning your own business is the American dream. You are the boss, you make the rules. So why is it celebrated in other professions, even considered a step up, but still looked down upon in publishing?


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5 thoughts on “I’m a Hack

  1. To be honest, I think the problem lies in the realm of self-publishing wherein the “authors” bang out some “novel” which never sees the sight of a halfway decent editor, if it sees one at all, pops it through the cheapest means of self-publishing, and TADA, they are “published”. God help us all. It should never be out there, and it gives “independent authors” a bad reputation.

    You are not what I’d call self-published so much as I’d describe you as “agent published”. Your agent oversaw the whole process, ensuring the book was put out RIGHT and not as a hack job.

    Unfortunately, the minute you label yourself as self-published, it brings to mind connotations of the negative experiences people in the industry have had and the inundated realm of ebooks on Amazon with CRAP freebies people download instead of buying GOOD books even for inexpensive prices.

    You’re not a hack. You just haven’t had enough time to prove yourself yet. You will. Your books will. You will validate your actions and choices in your success.

    I have faith in your, Kristen! 🙂

  2. What Melissa said. 🙂

    If there’s such a thing as a hack, I’d say it’s the person who doesn’t even proofread and does the cover with clip art. They may be a writer but they aren’t a professional. People like you who do it right are – you’re the mechanic who doesn’t own a garage, versus the guy who has all these spare parts that may or may not fit together, but they’ve never bothered to find out.

  3. Tell him next time that the politically correct term is “genius.”

  4. Firstly… You are epic.
    #2. I agree with Melissa’s comment. Way too many writers are pushing schlock through without having anyone actually read it and tell them if its even worth the paper its printed on. Editing is not the only thing we writer’s need before a book goes to market.
    Bad/No Editing = bad story…Bad/No honest critique of the work = bad story
    In all things, it means anyone who self publishes gets lumped in with all good and bad self published works.
    Its bad for all writers who want to make a mark… and tell a story.

    Having said that, you are a good story teller, K! You are a good writer and your story is worth the paper it is printed on.

    Just my humble opinion 😉

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