Deadly Ever After

The Writing Adventures of The Undead Duo–Julie Hutchings and Kristen Strassel

Gender Inequality in YA and NA

Chynna takes on slut shaming and wins.

Chynna-Blue Ink

Last night I wrote a scene in my manuscript wherein one of my female characters has sex.

Not because she’s in love. Not because she’s met her one true soul mate and she can now cast off her chastity belt and have at it. She has sex because she wants the guy, she has feelings for him, and because, well, because she just wants to. (My book is YA, by the way.)

I immediately considered taking the scene out. Will this make people think my character is a slut? And then I thought, if my character were a guy, and he’d done it for the same reasons – because he wanted to feel close to someone, because he’d lost everything – would people call HIM a slut? No? I didn’t think so.

I’m tired of this attitude in books for younger adults that a girl has to be chaste to…

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