Deadly Ever After

Finding Hidden Gems

Today’s Brew: Sarsaparilla Soda.  I haven’t had it since I was a kid and it was way sweeter than I remembered it.

by Kristen

Today I worked on a TV show about restaurants that are considered hidden gems. Those mouth watering neighborhood institutions that look like nothing special from the outside, that you have to either live close enough to walk to or you need to have a friend introduce you to the place. We shot in a lobster restaurant nestled in a residential neighborhood, basically in someone’s garage. There’s only 3 or 4 things on the menu. They’ve been voted the best lobster sandwich in Boston.

This job, combined with Julie’s post yesterday, as well as agent Rachelle Gardner’s recent post, got me thinking.  These restaurants that we’ve visited this week have limited menus. They’re small. But what they do, they kick ass at. They’re specialists. And people rave about about their talents and want to introduce their friends to the goodness.

Julie lamented about sales in her last post, while Rachelle Gardner says that fiction writers should concentrate on writing, not platform. Julie’s got a decent platform and a good book.

So how do you get your wares out into the world? This doesn’t necessarily apply to just books. If no one knows about you, how can you enjoy word of mouth referrals?  Word of mouth and customer satisfaction are the strongest advertising money can’t buy.

I don’t think it’s enough to just put your product out in the world and hope people find it.  You need to advertise, you need to make people know what you are good at.

You can’t sell to people. You have to make them want what you’ve got.

When I started out as a makeup artist, I answered every ad looking for my services I could find. But I built my career by being a good makeup artist and business woman. I don’t claim to do everything well.  I’m a beauty artist. I can make crazy ass scary monsters, I can do hair, I can do nails, but I’m best at making people look naturally beautiful. I get repeat business because people like working with me. It’s the experience.

I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with this blog post, but now I think I’ve got it. Create an experience. You might not be better than everyone in your field, but you’re different. You’re you. Make them want you.


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