Deadly Ever After

Ten Feet of Carpet

This is my good friend, Richard Ankers’ work. I love this poem so much, I had to put it up here. When I asked him about it, he said, “I’m still stood at the bottom of those stairs in many ways.”

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Did you see me stood by the stairs?

I was the one with his head down;

The one too shy to look;

The one too nervous to talk.

I don’t always stare at floorboards;

Study the polish on shoes;

Admire the tassels on carpets.

It’s difficult when you don’t rate yourself,

But you wouldn’t know,

Would you?

The girl with the swarm of admirers;

The girl who doesn’t get chance to reply;

The girl too blocked in to move.

It must be difficult being you,

So beautiful, perfect,

So unable to prove she’s more than a pair of long legs?

You’re trapped in your world,

I’m trapped in mine.

There’s only ten feet of carpet between us,

Yet it feels like a universe, for both.

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