Deadly Ever After

Happy Birthday, Kristen Jett!

Today’s Brew: Sangria!


Today we’re celebrating the fabulous Kristen Jett.  If you don’t know her, well, fix that now.  She’s the co founder of Pen and Muse as well Pen and Muse Press.  Pen and Muse is dedicated to helping writers improve their craft, their business, and being the best writing cheerleaders out there.

And who would look better in a cheerleading skirt then Kristen?

Besides being my name twin, Kristen is awesome because she is so supportive of everyone in the writing community. She wants to see us all succeed. She takes the time to listen and help, and if she sees an opportunity to better all of us, she lets us know.  I think she may be smarter than many of us too, and but she’d never tell you that. She’ll just share what she knows, patiently, and never take credit for making us better.

I wish you a wonderful birthday and year, Miss KJ.  And, um, make sure you celebrate tonight!!  Here’s the clue to your next stop:

A writer of romance

A secret writer

A collaborator with one, and she’s not a fella,

But  a parnter with another for U. Ella


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kristen Jett!

  1. Thank you name twin! 🙂
    I shall be celebrating in style. After the pizza. And not counting the stop into the sports bar to see part of the UFC fight.

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