Deadly Ever After

Kristen’s Las Vegas

Today’s Brew: Pumpkin Spice. Back to the grind. See what I did there? 3:30 wakeup calls will do that to a girl.

by Kristen

I had a dream about a girl trying to make her way in Las Vegas that stuck with me so much I moved there to write a book about it. No shit.  The book didn’t come until, well, now, but I thought I’d show you around my digs a bit.

We start the tour at my old apartment. This was seriously the best apartment I ever had, and it might have been because it was the first one that was mine all mine. And the washer dryer in unit. Nine miles from the strip, tons of closet space, and CHEAP.  A one bedroom like the one I had is only $675 a month.  My bank account cries hearing that.

Sky Court Harbors at The Lakes, Las Vegas

Next stop: work!  I wasn’t a makeup artist yet when I lived in Vegas. I was a retail manager. But don’t worry, I wasn’t boring. I was a manager at Frederick’s of Hollywood.  This was my favorite retail job ever.

Most of the bars I hung out at when I lived in Vegas are long gone now.  But every Tuesday night, my friends and I would go see Metal Skool, which you probably know better now as Steel Panther, play at the Suncoast. For free. Then we’d have dollar breakfast at midnight and then go upstairs for buck a string bowling. All in the same building. The best part about the world’s cheapest night out was that you could BYOB since they never knew which bar you bought from. And they didn’t care.

This is Steel Panther, mofos.

Can you remind me why I came back to Massachusetts, please?


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