Deadly Ever After

Julie Gets Sappy About Kristen: BECAUSE THE NIGHT release

TODAY’S BREW: Ironically, Hazelnut, The Kristen Killer

By Julie

If you had told Kristen and I a year ago that our books would be in the hands of the public now, I don’t know that either of us would be able to pick our jaws up off the floor long enough to kiss you.

Now here we are, counting the minutes until Kristen’s book, BECAUSE THE NIGHT, is undead and kicking.

You’ve been reading us. You know we’re excited and proud, and how much we care about each other. This means a lot to both of us. To make our dreams, and in Kristen’s case, her literal dreams, come alive this way, it’s more than either of us ever expected. And yet, we expect a lot of ourselves, and therefore, each other. We expect excellence of each other, always have. And when we didn’t get it, we’d say so. It makes for ugly moments between us, and we come out all the stronger for it. We’re family.

I’ve known Kristen since she was a little girl with a ginormous personality that I could argue never quite fit where it was. She was just wrong for Catholic school, too big for high school, different from college. She lives better in her mind, and with BECAUSE THE NIGHT you get a look inside. Consider yourselves lucky.

I’m proud of her for doing everything she’s wanted to do, no matter how hard it was or what it did to her. She does everything that needs to be done. Kristen sets her sights and does it. She does it if it’s across the country. She does it if it doesn’t make sense. She does it if it makes her physically ill. She does it if it’s the hardest thing she can imagine. She’s more resilient than anyone on the planet, and her strength is all wrapped up in this bubbly blonde package that could outlast anyone in a test of emotional fortitude or in a Zumba class.

Kristen, you’ve always forged your own path and gods be damned that stood in your way. All of the people who are missing this in person aren’t really missing it; they were here to watch you decide to be great, and you’re doing it.


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2 thoughts on “Julie Gets Sappy About Kristen: BECAUSE THE NIGHT release

  1. I always knew your books would see the public, and the public would LOVE them.
    Congratz ladies. You both deserve it.

  2. I suppose that “of all writers” a number of them are deserving of being published but none of them as much as the two of you. You exceed not only as writers but also as people. There has never been a day where I questioned that both of you would make it. And I was right.

    Your #1 Fan,

    – Bobby.

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