Deadly Ever After

Living Dead Girls and Boys: Fake Blood Recipe

Today’s Brew: Fake blood, of course.

by Kristen

Halloween is next week! Holy crap! You’re probably gearing up for parties, trick or treat, and general mayhem and foolishness.  Of course, you need to look bad ass.

Fun Fact: I hate dressing up. I’ll get you ready with all the enthusiasm in the world, but I can’t stand wearing costumes.  I have dental grade fangs I made myself that I wear every year. They’re better than any costume I’d ever wear.

I’m just going to assume you want a gory costume, because you’re here and you guys tend to like freaky things. Not judging, just pointing it out. If you’re going to be a vampire, zombie,  “Slutty Dead” whatever, you need blood. That cheap crap you can get at the costume store is bright red and usually toxic.  Don’t look like an amateur. And don’t poison yourself.  Make your own damn blood.  Here’s how:

  • Combine 1 part water to 3 parts Karo corn syrup.
  • Add in drops of red food coloring until you get the correct color. Stir.
  • Add blue and/or green food coloring to make a more realistic shade. Blood from a major artery is brighter red, and veins is more bluish red.  As blood dries, it browns.  That’s where the green comes in.  ADD these colors in slowly and stir. A little makes a big impact.
  • Thicken it.  Dry thickeners could be flour, corn starch, or cocoa powder.  Wet thickeners could be chocolate syrup or maple syrup. If going with a darker thickener, add slowly. Dark pigment tends to overwhelm lighter pigment.
  • If your blood is too transparent, add flour.
  • Let sit for 10 minutes to thicken

Your delicious and realistic looking blood is ready to use!  Have fun!

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