Deadly Ever After

Spotlight: Because The Night by Kristen Strassel coming November 5th, 2013

Tammy wrote a blurb better than my own.

Tammy Farrell


Recently I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of Kristen Strassel’s novel, Because The Night, and I was blown away!

Kristen is one half of the undead duo behind, a hilarious tweeter, and as I’ve recently discovered, one hell of a writer.

Because the Night is  set in the dark underworld of Las Vegas, where vampires play in rock bands, star in reality shows, and attract groupies crazier than Beliebers. But when Callie arrives to save her ex, Tristan, from himself, she becomes immersed in his world. And things become even more complicated when her new love interest, Blade, steals her heart. Callie quickly learns it’s not easy juggling two men, especially when one of them is dead. But these aren’t mere games of the heart. In Las Vegas, it’s dangerous to love someone when your soul belongs to another.

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