Deadly Ever After

Meet Blade: Because the Night Character Expo

Today’s Brew: Still rockin’ the pumpkin spice K cups.

by Kristen

Today I’m introducing you to Bradley Bennett. That’s Blade to you.

When Because the Night was still called Immortal Dilemma, hell, I actually didn’t even think it even had a name yet, I wanted to write Callie into a completely terrible house party scene that made her pretty much hate her life. Don’t tell me you’ve never found yourself at some disgusting random party house in the early hours of the morning, with mixed drinks in old juice bottles and people screwing in the bathrooms.

Oh, that’s just me and Julie? Whatever. I guess know I know why Callie acts up when I leave her to her own devices.

I never expected her to meet someone at that party. But without warning, Blade walked in and asked to sit down next to her on a filthy couch cushion (sans couch.) At first, I thought of him as this kind of goofy Bill and Ted type character. But then something else happened.

He stuck around. I liked it, and so didn’t Callie.

I never intended to write a love triangle, but Blade had other ideas. I’ve said many times that I let my characters take the driver’s seat, so I went with it. I modeled him after Casey James, the country singer and American Idol contestant. I had such a crush on Blade when I wrote the book that any time a Casey James song came on the radio (he’d been nowhere for years, and then I decide to base a character on him and he has a hit record? I am just that good, people.), I’d get all giddy.

Later on, when my Pinterest addiction came to be a thing, I found that the model Christopher Brown was even more Blade than my original Blade.

Blade (Christopher Brown)

A lot of my early readers have had a soft spot for Blade as well. He’s that guy who’s got his shit together, but he still knows how to have fun. He takes Callie on simple dates that are awesome. He’s comfortable just hanging around. He’s comfortable in his own skin.

Or so we think.

Blade is someone who had a taste of the dark side, and realized he’d rather grow up. He finds a girl that he thinks is different than everyone else in Vegas, and falls really hard for her. Little does he know that Callie will drag him kicking and screaming back to the dark side.

Blade is someone who knows what he wants, and when he doesn’t get it, look out.


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