Deadly Ever After

The Sin of American Horror Story Returns in COVEN.

TODAY’S BREW: Pumpkin Shandy. Drop dead, you can’t have any.

By Julie


This one is about witches, and frankly, it could probably be about a summer camp and I would think it was original. I cannot wait to get that seedy, a little too dirty feeling I entirely plan on getting from watching this season. That’s my favorite part about this anthology-type series, is that you just feel like you need a shower afterwards. Partly from visions of Zachary Quinto and Dylan McDermott, but mostly because of the intensely psychological, just the right amount out of the box while still being classic horror. The imagery is debilitatingly vivid and sticks with you forever. FOREVER.

This season features the absolutely incomparable Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode, the supreme witch headmistress in an Academy/coven for teenage witches. While this sounds like a plot that’s been done, you then get images like THIS:


So, as expected, it promises to be a visual nightmare. GOODY. But the beauty of this show, for me, is that it mixes horror with an undeniable sexuality that makes you squirm just a little more than usual. This season will be no different, in a good way.

What I love about horror…..good horror… the sin of it all. Really evocative horror for me, like American Horror Story, is equal parts terrifying and jarring as well as decadently, disturbingly sensual. Forbidden. That’s the beauty of this show, and no matter what any difficult to please critics say, American Horror Story will surely deliver with originality and a grit that no other show on television can match. The filming of it alone gives it a gritty, under the stairs, hidden feel that makes it seem like something you shouldn’t be seeing. I love it. And I cannot wait to see what Coven brings us tonight at 10 on FX.

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One thought on “The Sin of American Horror Story Returns in COVEN.

  1. The first season was damn amazing. I loved how the ghosts were just metaphors for the family’s alienation and unresolved issues, and how all the characters were so wounded. (I blogged on it here The second season to me became cliche and over-acted. I am really looking forward to tonight.

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