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Strip Strip Hooray!

Today’s Brew:  Pumpkin Spice

by Kristen

On Sunday night, The Undead Duo joined our friend Jill for a field trip to Strip Strip Hooray.  No, you wise-asses, we kept our clothes on.  This was the burlesque tour featuring Dita von Teese and a varied ensemble of performers.  I’d been to smaller scale burlesque performances, mostly featuring Ludella Hahn. I’ve taken burlesque classes.  I’m sure I’ll go see more burlesque when I’m in Vegas at the end of the year.  But I’d never seen anything of this magnitude.

Dita as The Rhinestone Cowgirl

Dita did four sets:  the martini set, the rhinestone cowgirl set, the birdcage set, and the opium den set.  The costumes and props were absolutely amazing.  But Julie, Jilly, and I were all a little surprised that Dita herself didn’t do much dancing.  It was more walking and posing.  I mean, sure, she’s Dita von Teese, but I have to tell you in terms of actual dancing, Ludella has it over her.

Ludella Hahn

The supporting cast featured two standouts:  Natasha Estrada and Perle Noir.  You know why we liked these ladies so much?  They were real.  Natasha had a little giggle going on. It was real, she was confident and sexy as hell.

Natasha Estrada

And Perle had the most diesel body.  She was all muscle.  Not some petite little flower.  And props to Perle for having real boobs.

Perle Noir

Besides all the gorgeousness happening on stage, there was equal amounts happening in the crowd.  Like the three of us, many of the people attending took this rare opportunity to dress up.  Even the guys. Some of them wore suits or rockabilly finery. Everyone looked amazing!  As I sit here on my couch in my pajamas under a blanket writing this,  I still have to say that seeing everyone at their best made me want to up my game on a regular basis.  We’ve gotten so lazy as a society.  Sure, I love my sweatpants, but I don’t feel as sexy as when I’m in my stockings. Why don’t we just take the extra couple of minutes to do a little something to our hair, put on a little makeup, or plan out an outfit the night before? We waste so much time that we don’t even realize, even in our super busy lives.

No wonder there was a baby boom in the 1950s. Those women were hot.


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One thought on “Strip Strip Hooray!

  1. I second that Ludella is the winner in a burlesque-off.


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