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Thirty Seconds To Jersey

Today’s Brew: I mixed cocoa with chocolate raspberry and threw some cool whip in it.  Long story short, I’m out of creamer.

by Kristen

Worth the Trip

You’ve got to keep up on your research if you want to remain relevant  in your field.  Thankfully, I’ve chosen some really cool jobs so my research is always pretty fun.  This time, it involved a roadtrip to see 30 Seconds To Mars in Camden, NJ.  I write about characters going on tour with rock bands.  It had been a while since I’d done anything like this, so I had see how we do in 2013.  I can’t be writing about outdated techniques.  That’s not fair to my readers.

(Don’t you love the way I can justify any ridiculous thing?)

So why this show?  It started out as a Twitter conversation that ended up in buying tickets to the show.  My original cohort wound up being unable to go, so my fabulous friend Liz stepped in last minute, not even knowing who the hell they were, besides knowing Jared Leto was hot.  That’s the spirit of these road trips.  You just go, and figure the rest of it out later.

Concert roadtrip techniques seem to be timeless.  Sure, it’s easier to get tickets (on my phone at work) now.  But the rest of the mechanics haven’t changed.  Driving through Connecticut still sucks.  I thought we might be the oldest broads there, not even close.  For a minute I thought I had the sluttiest get up…I still settled in the top 5.  I’m much better at talking my way past security than I used to be.  Now you can buy your way to get an autograph from the band…OK, that’s not so new.  Bands used to do record store appearances all the time.  But now there are no damn record stores.  Bands have done meet and greets forever.  I still think there’s a little more romance (ha!) and intrigue to finding the band somewhere else, like near the bus.  Not that we tried.  Really. I’d tell you if we did.

I hadn’t seen 30 Seconds To Mars in about 10 years.  I saw them when they opened for Sevendust at a club show in Boston.  Even though I’d kept up with them on my own terms throughout their career, I never considered them big enough to play an arena.  The show was good, albeit short.  They mostly played things from their last 2 albums.  The sad thing is A Beautiful Lie came out 8 years ago.  That’s classic rock to a teenager. Half of these people weren’t even born when My So Called life was on.

Sure, you have your whole life ahead of you, but you missed out on this.

It’s hell getting old.  My Memere always used to say it, and now I live it.

We had great seats, but the lighting wasn’t conducive to getting great camera phone captures.  So I pulled these photos off the web.

This outfit seemed a little Tristan like to me.

Even though I was tired for days, I had a great time.  I missed concerts. I missed road trips.  Adult life gets in the way of fun, but this is the shit you talk about years later.  Not doing TPS reports.

Next on the docket:  Dita von Tease and Nine Inch Nails. Not together. That would be too much awesome for one night.


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One thought on “Thirty Seconds To Jersey

  1. Totally worth the trip, even not knowing the band. But wait until you see how much I’ll lose my shit if we manage to get to the rail at NIN next week.

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