Deadly Ever After


I can’t even with how incredible this idea is. Rob Kristoffersen has a singular mind, and misses nothing.

Alana Of Oz


by Robert Kristoffersen



In a circle sat seven individuals, all here for healing.

All of them suffered from the traumatic nature of being a toy.

Where imagination was encouraged in the human race, these seven

were the means by which the children of the world experimented.

To them, it was utterly terrifying, but that was their purpose

and the being(s) that made them consciously aware, what kind of

sick joke was that?

“Before we begin this Toys Support Group meeting, we should

begin with the healing mantra. Let’s all say it together.”

A humanoid shaped – a plastic man headed up these meetings.

His reputation among the toy community was the same as his name

and his appearance: Clean. Height wise, he appeared to be godlike

to fellow toys. He towered over Barbie by a good six inches

or so. His white pants and shirt were…

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