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Writing The Book Was The Easy Part

Today’s Brew: Making coffee for tomorrow

by Kristen

It seems like forever since I’ve put any new words on paper. Yet, I feel like I’ve been working harder in the writing department than ever before. So what the hell have I been doing, anyway?

Sometimes preparing for release day feels like campaigning for office.

  • I completed the final edit of Because The Night. Thanks be to Jesus.
  • The cover for Because The Night was approved, debuted, and the Goodreads page was born all in about an hour of each other.  What a great, overwhelming day that was.
  • Right now I’m working on the final edit of Seasons In The Sun, Because The Night’s prequel. Because oh yeah, that’s coming out this fall as well.
  • Building a street team. You guys are the balls, by the way.
  • I’ve completed a preliminary edit on Night Moves, aka Book 2.  The plan is for that to come out in late March 2014.
  • Getting cover blurbs.
  • Today I worked on creating some super cool swag for giveaways when we do the Because The Night blog tour!! You’ll see it all on Thursday!
  • Speaking of blogs, I’ve been trying to get on every one in the universe. Even if it’s about beekeeping. Want me to guest post? Just ask. By the way, I know nothing about bees.
  • I need to get pictures taken!  The one I use everywhere is super cute but it 1. was taken in the bathroom of a dive bar and 2. is not high enough resolution to use anywhere serious.

All of this is just desserts, but it’s a lot of work.  I want the launch to go off as flawlessly as possible.  Even though everyone says there’s no longer a stigma about self publishing, let me tell you that there are still people who look down their nose at self published books, looking for warts. Which means I need to better than perfect. I believe that we’re all the same when we write the book and when it goes up for sale.  It’s the stuff that happens in the middle that’s different. Not better, just different.

When you write the book, you’re in control of the results.  When you bring it to the world, you lose all control.  I have no idea how people will react, if they even react at all.

Megan Paasch suggested I mention the Peanut Gallery when I blogged today. That means you. I’m so glad all of you are excited about this book coming out.  All of your support really means the world to me.  It wouldn’t be worth doing if no one cared.  If a book is released and no one reads it, is it still a book?

God, I hope I never have to find out.


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5 thoughts on “Writing The Book Was The Easy Part

  1. You officially kick ass, Kristen.
    The Peanut Gallery 😉

  2. You’re up bright and early, Chris.


  3. The just desserts can still be a pain, but you’ve definitely got the right attitude. Congrats on making it so far 🙂

    Btw, you mentioned “a street team.” I’ve heard a few self-pubbed writers say that before, but I’m still lost as to what exactly it is. Would you be willing to explaining it to me?

    • Sure. Traditionally published authors use them too. A street team is a group of people you reach out to help get the word out about your book. You can do this any way you want, but I asked them to read and review, retweet things, and to let me do guest posts on their blog. Other people have contests and things. Basically, it’s a grass roots way to get some buzz going about your book.


  4. Yay! I’m so excited for this to come out! It’ll be awesome.

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