Deadly Ever After

YOU DON’T SCARE ME, NEW BOOK. A story told with Matrix images.

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By Julie

I’m a bit of a writing jerk, I’ve realized. I never have had the dreaded writer’s block, and when the time hits that I feel like I have no new ideas, I get one just from being angry that I haven’t got one. They may not be the next Cathcher in the Rye, but when I settle down to write a book, I do it. The words come.

I began re-working my first draft of Running Away, the sequel to Running Home September 3rd. It’s a mix of new material, and a first draft that is so old at this point it’s like the grandmother of books. So, there’s WORK involved, and writing a sequel is HARD, yo, because you have to make sure you give enough basis that a newbie would understand the book if they hadn’t read the first one, but weave that information in seamlessly and in a storytelling fashion, that doesn’t take the reader out of the moment.

So, the whole thing has made me a little slow on the uptake with this book. I don’t like that. I have what the husband calls the ME FIRST attitude. I always go first, it’s sorta my thing. I don’t hesitate. You can’t hesitate in life, or you’ll miss it.

Right now I feel like this.


I am tired of pussyfooting (pardon my French) around this book. Time to write it and if it sucks, write it again and again. But it has to be dove into. This is the point in all those boxing matches when everyone starts yelling “HIT HIM ALREADY!”

Time to hit the book. Time to get whatever crappy words down I have, and then make them better, and better still. This is different from the way I usually work. I write sparsely, and make every word count, then go back and embellish. I leave a good 10-15,000 word opening at the end of a first draft, so that I can ADD instead of DELETING words that I labored over. I did the deleting thing with Running Home. No thank you, Writing. No thank you.

But every book I write has its own process. My process for Running Away is different, still. That’s cool. It means there’s a new thing to be learned, and a new challenge to master.

SO HELLS YEAH, I’M READY TO WRITE A BOOK. I’m ready for you all to meet the new characters, one of which I am in love with to the point that even Nicholas would be jealous. And I’m dying for you to see the way Eliza is transforming. How she plummets into her own despair, and what changes in her, for her.

And I am absolutely dying to see what these changes do to me.

Bring it on, Running Away. Bring it on.


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7 thoughts on “YOU DON’T SCARE ME, NEW BOOK. A story told with Matrix images.

  1. I hear ya! That’s similar to where I am with revisions, that “why is this taking so long, let’s just DO THIS!” thing. Good luck! You can do it, & I can’t wait to read about Eliza’s further adventures.

  2. Dude, just write the crap so it leads you to the good stuff. We edit out the crap and keep the good stuff. I’m having the same problem with We Own The Night. I don’t expect every word to get published. But if I don’t write what comes to me, I’ll write nothing, and you’ll tell me stop whining and write crap. I’ll tell you I don’t want to write crap and you’ll tell me we’ll work through it and figure it out. I’ll flip you off because you’re right and I don’t want to hear it, but I know you’re right. Then I’ll write what turns out to be a pretty book, even if I have to edit the ever loving bejesus out of it.

    No one is perfect, not even us.

    Flip the pronouns and then do it. And stop distracting yourself on Pinterest with Keanu pictures. I know what you’re doing.


  3. HEY! Not Keanu, Colin Ferrell. And yes, you’re right. Enough procrastinating. I gots to make something perfect come. One imperfect step at a time. Thanks, doll.


  4. I’m curious, do you outline your books prior to writing? I’m new to the whole outlining thing (still testing the waters of it, really), but feel like it could be REALLY helpful for a sequel. I can only imagine how tough it’d be to make sure all the requisite plot points are woven in!

    • I so do not. But with this one, I have to put a lot more thought into it, and I’m finding myself making notes a lot that seem a lot like an outline. I think I will probably be more apt to go back and fix than to adhere to an outline.

  5. I’m making changes to my “Vampire Conspiracy” outline right now. After I wrote what I outlined, the course of action seemed too obvious. So I now have three redshirts getting ambushed instead of the main characters. Better yet, this makes the antagonists a lot more devious and scheming, since they didn’t take the “obvious” action of targeting the main characters.

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