Deadly Ever After

Paranormal Week; Interview With A Vampire

The most innovative and entertaining character interview ever and a great giveaway for RUNNING HOME and a bunch of other books!!!

Gabi Daniels


His name is Nicholas French

and I want him to suck my blood you are about to add him to

your all-time favorite book boyfriends list!

He’s at the TOP OF MINE!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   His eyes were the warmest shade of brown, like melted dark chocolate, swirls of caramel throughout… They looked so intently into my own, I felt bare. Until I heard that voice, that rich, husky, velvet voice speaking to me, thank God to me. Wait, to me?” — Ellie

Running Home by Julie Hutchings

I am so excited to sit down with Nicholas French, Shinigami ( badass vampire) for an interview.

Nicholas French  opens the front door of his cabin and before I can swoon, the scent of baking brownies hits me. I close my eyes and take it in, repeatedly sniffing the air, wondering how it is possible that I am able to smell all his delicious… am…

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3 thoughts on “Paranormal Week; Interview With A Vampire

  1. I SO NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! It’s added to my ridiculously growing TBR pile… I can’t keep up! He just sounds so delish!

  2. Thanks again for doing the interview, Julie!

  3. I loved the interview, Julie. And giggled and blushed at every evil thought Gabi had….

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