Deadly Ever After

Big Day, Babies!

TODAY’S BREW: Breakfast Beer! No, not really.

By Julie

IT’S MY BABY’S FIRST DAY OF FIRST GRADE! I don’t feel guilty whatsoever about wanting this child to go to school for 6 hours a day because he so wants it. The boy genius loves learning, and is just not a summer kid. He’s just not. He turns bright pink when it’s like sixty degrees out, and he says “this is the way I like it” whenever there is an overcast moment. Not to mention he is a mastermind reading and comprehending things far above his level, a math whiz, a genius with graphs, and has incredible leadership quality.

I also get to spend some alone time with my three year old, Sammy, and this is something we never really have. I look forward to it and feel blessed to be home with him, and blessed to be home to write!

You know what time it is, suckas? IT’S SEQUEL TIME!

I am overjoyed to announce that I have begun my solid work on the sequel to Running Home! I got up for my beloved 5 AM Writer’s Club this morning, and was able to read over what I have written already and work on it a bit. When I wrote Running Home, it was all in notebooks, and it was super long and I had no idea. I actually wrote 2 books, and with a little doctoring, Running Away was begun. I’m really ready to dive into it with all the positive encouragement I’ve had fueling me. Good thing, because writing a sequel is tough. You have to make sure a first time reader gets it, and you have to not disappoint your not-first time readers, and it sure as hell should make sense.

I’m assuming having 6 hours a day with only one child, the more quiet one and far more independent one, will make this all magically come true. I’ll wake up for 5 AM Writer’s Club with my usual spring in the step and conquer the fucking universe of sequels 5 days a week, and sometimes on Saturdays.

This sequel is going to rock it. I love it already. And not only that, but I’m sure to be readying The Harpy for the world to see, and yes, I have a completely separate idea for a YA novel bidding on brain space, but that thing has to wait. Order! I demand order! All in good time, novels, all in good time.

What I’m saying is, GAME ON, BITCHES. My baby is in school, I have books to write and all the drive to do it, and my good old steady routine is BACK. Look the hell out. Fall has arrived and with it, the will to live.


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One thought on “Big Day, Babies!

  1. kiperoo on said:

    Totally with you on this! Yaaaay, Julie!

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