Deadly Ever After

Anatomy of a Vampire: Because The Night Style

Today’s Brew: Back to the water thing.

by Kristen

I loved this so much when Julie did it, I had to add to do it for my vampires as well. It’s a great way to show our take on the mythology and what makes our vampires different from each other.  So without further ado:


1. My vampires can feed off of energy, which is perfect for rock stars. They have crowds of adoring fans surrounding them all the time, so they feed off of their adrenaline.  However, they can also pick up on negative vibrations, which can bring them down or drive them crazy, so they have to find a way to deal with that.

2. Blood is erotic for my vampires.  They don’t need it, but they certainly do like it. They can feed from humans and humans can feed from them for an out of this world sexual experience.  The blood also makes them stronger.

3. My vampires can’t go out in sunlight.

4. They become unconscious during daylight hours.

5. In Because The Night, we don’t learn that much about other abilities that this particular vampire clan has.  Tristan is in a sort of denial and a bit apathetic towards what he is.  We do know they have superhuman strength and speed.  Later we learn that they can see and hear things that humans cannot.


6. Only creators can read the minds of their “children.”

7.  Bloodlust is the thrall.  It attracts fans to the bands, and therefore provides them with an endless energy supply.  Bloodlust is also the sexual experience when blood is shared.

8. My vampires can and do drink alcohol and do drugs.  Like blood, they are metabolized as energy.  After all, their rock stars. Rock stars have vices.

9. They aren’t meant to be monogamous.

10. Women vampires are the most powerful, and there are very few of them.  They are usually clan leaders.  Two females in the same clan will not play nicely together.


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4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Vampire: Because The Night Style

  1. I particularly love your perfect incorporation of the energy vampire angle!
    Great job, Kristen!

  2. Woot! Three cheers for strong women. 🙂 I like the photos, too (RAWRRR!!), but I do find it a little disturbing that Tristan is such a popular name for romantic heroes these days. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great name. It just happens to be my brother’s name, so….ew.

    I wonder, if a girl’s brother’s name is John, does she have a hard time reading about romantic figures who are named John? Or do I just have a problem with it because I haven’t known too many Tristans in my life?

  3. Tristan has been Tristan before a word hit the page two years ago. I bristle a bit every time I see another one as well, but my Tristan will stand on his own. 🙂 Just read it as John. LOL I had to warn a beta reader about Callie, since her daughter shares the name.


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