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Welcome Back to Vampire Week 2.0!

Today’s Brew: Julie is swilling some something out of a can with a mean looking pumpkin on it, and I am drinking water since I have to be up at ass o clock.

by Kristen and Julie (bear with us as we change POV)


Picture it. Last year at this time, Kristen’s living room, which was still a hotel room at HoJos.  Shark Week just ended, and we came up with the idea to do vampire week on the blog. We wanted to make it an annual tradition, and you know we are good to our word.  Vampire week is back.

A lot has changed since last year’s event.  Julie and I had just started querying, and God, were we bad at it.  We’d just started meeting people on Twitter.  We didn’t know what to do about this vampire thing, since apparently, they were the literary equivalent of Mom Jeans.  I mean, we thought they were cool, but everyone else….meh.   So how the hell were we ever going to get these things published?

10 months ago, during Hurricane Sandy…yup, DURING, not after….Kristen and I went to Backspace Writer’s Conference to pitch our vampire books. Well, not really. Kristen had already landed herself an agent (and couldn’t believe someone wanted to represent a book about vampire rockstars! and was excited about it), but she DROVE THROUGH A HURRICANE FOR ME ANYWAY so that I could do the same. That’s a different story. When we got there, we were the girls trying to find any way we could to mask that we had written vampire books. Vampires books were the Voldemorts of publishing. The market had been saturated, vampires had been done too many times. My query got ripped to shreds in front of a room full of people, including Donald Maas and a handful of amazing agents. But I kept my chin up, that was what I was there for, and I learned something. Something that had me scribbling wildly at lunchtime about Japanese mythology: DO YOUR VAMPIRES, BUT DO THEM DIFFERENT. MAKE THEM UNIQUE. MAKE THEM SOMETHING THAT NOBODY ELSE COULD FUCKING DO. Then make all those people who turned their nose up at your vampires eat their words.

In May, I attended the New England Chapter RWA conference and chatted with a couple of editors from publishing companies.  One of them was really into the concept of my book.  I asked her if the vampire thing was a problem.  Her reply?

You can never be too rich, too thin, or publish too many vampires.

Whaaaat?  In a span of six months, that happened?  It just shows you how quickly things change and how subjective the business is.  Books are like music.  Not everyone likes it all, but there’s something out there for everyone.

We might have mentioned a few times that Running Home is now available, and now Because The Night is coming soon. But we have more news.  If that is possible.

Julie has an agent!  Not any old agent, but THE Eric Ruben, Esq.

Kristen has another book coming out. Soon!  Seasons In The Sun, the prequel to Because The Night, is coming from Fast Foreward Publishing this fall.  Release date to be announced soon.

Point being, WRITE THE BOOK YOU NEED TO WRITE, and vampires are fucking cool. No matter when it is or where, vampires are icons, steeped in history, and there is more to be made.

Kristen and I look forward to making vampire history.


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10 thoughts on “Welcome Back to Vampire Week 2.0!

  1. You Ladies are the role models of all the vampire writers out there. You’ve both done it! You’ve done it well, hell, you’ve both been amazing!! Awe-inspiring!! You both prove that dreams can come true!!
    I for one am honored to join your Vampire week this year.
    *Bending to pay homage*

  2. Reblogged this on Mari Wells and commented:
    My dear friends, The Undead Duo, and Vampire Week. A must to attend.

  3. kim culpepper on said:

    Really needed to hear this (read this). The villian in the novel I’m trying to publish is a vampire and I have often felt this scares agents and publishers away. Its good to know there is still hope.

  4. @kim culpepper: When I made the rounds selling my book, the editors did feel there was a solid core readership for vampire novels that was unaffected by the “Twilight” craze (because those readers didn’t read Twilight, by and large)

  5. Reblogged this on Vampire Syndrome Blog and commented:
    I’ve been waiting for this with fanged breath!

  6. Vampires ARE fucking cool! Great post. I’m so looking forward to VAMPIRE WEEK!

  7. Juliette, your blog is fucking ace and I am so excited to have you here.

  8. Loved the post. I always cringe when I tell people there are vampires in my book. It’s like I’m just waiting for them to judge me and roll their eyes. Thanks for the dose of reassurance!

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