Deadly Ever After

Your Life Doesn’t Suck So Bad

Today’s Brew:  Six cups of coffee, anyone? Oh, that would be me.

by Kristen

(In a country music song twist of fate, Julie has abandoned me this week and has gone to the sticks.  Jillian M. swears she’ll take me back. I’m going to try to look past her indiscretions).

happy homeless

As I arrived at work today, this man wished me and my coworkers a good morning.  We all talked to him, joked around a little bit.  We were filming on the street, so I had some time for one of my favorite activities:  people watching.  I noticed the man was friendly with everyone, scratching the heads of dogs tied up outside of the Starbucks he sat outside of, just generally pleasant.

I didn’t realize he was homeless until someone dropped their change into his coffee cup. I thought he was simply drinking coffee.

This isn’t a post about how normal this guy was, as if homeless people were another race of creatures.  This is a post about him as a person. Clearly, if he’s collecting change in a coffee cup, he’s down on his luck.  But he didn’t let it get him down.  He made my day better.

We all have problems, and most of them are valid. But if this guy (also sitting at the exact spot of the second marathon bomb) could have a smile on his face and feel good, so can’t you.


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One thought on “Your Life Doesn’t Suck So Bad

  1. We need more people like him to show us what we’re doing wrong in this friggin world! Well done, Kristen. 🙂

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