Deadly Ever After

The World’s Longest Thank You by Julie

TODAY’S BREW: Still drinking champagne.

By Julie

I didn’t move from my laptop the whole morning. This is the text I woke up to from Kristen the first morning Running Home was up on Amazon:



(sees Amazon ranking of 25 in Dark Fantasy and 12,298 in total books. Hurks into mouth a bit.)

Running Home has been out in the world for ten days (at this point), and is still getting better reception than I ever expected. It’s still in the top 100,000 books on Amazon, which to me is like being in the pretty girl’s club. I don’t know how people release books and don’t just cry into their hands all day at the sheer fucking joy of it.

I have these incredible people all around me that never waiver in their loyalty, and stand next to me through everything. This is a team effort. I wrote the book, but this is showbiz, folks, and it takes an army. The people who put me on their blogs, and are writing reviews, and read the damn thing, and tweeted with me while I was querying and supported me while I freaked out, they are my friends, not my team. They are my family, not my pseudo-employees.

I have a small army sorta. There’s not a thank you card in the world that could possibly say how I feel. And there are so many of you! So many people who handed me over their blogs to make a mess of as I please. So many of you who retweet my crap. And all of you who keep me going when I need it most.

Some of the best friends anyone could ask for and that I never thought I would find; Josh Hewitt, the brother I never wanted. Julie Hill, who makes me feel like I can do it, all the time. Beau Barnett, the sweetest, kindest ladies’ man that brings tears to my eyes with his support.

Laura Hughes, Reggie Whitley, Torgs, Megan Paasch, Jessie Devine, and Lou Gornall. You guys are at my very core, and I couldn’t survive without your faces. Or in Reggie’s case, without his hair.

Chris Liccardi and Bobby Salomons. Or Solomons. Bobby, for real, this last name stands in my way. You guys hear more behind the scenes than you probably want to, and I love you for it. Friends forever. I’d get bracelets if I could that said it.

Thanks to Dylan Morgan, who’s been a friend for a long time, and supported me the entirety of it.

My brothers at Books of the Dead Press, especially John F.D. Taff, my old friend, and one of my new favorite people, Mark Matthews. I’m so happy we’ve become the friends we have. And James Roy Daley. You believed in this book right away, and no matter how many bumps we’ve met getting out there, we did it. I have you to thank for making it real.

Thank you Jacke Czel, Elisa, Megan Eccles, Megan Orsini, all the Megans, including the incomparable Megan Kay, who touches my heart every day. Thank you, Imran Siddiq, for reading my book when he clearly has more to do in a minute than anyone on the planet.

Lydia Aswolf, I cannot thank you enough, honestly. The media support alone, but there could be no better woman in the world to make me feel like I really stand a chance out there. You make me a stronger writer.

How can I thank Jolene Haley? Not only is she one of the first friends I ever made on Twitter, but she has given me endless ideas that I execute poorly to promote the book, she sent me a pre-published book by one of my favorite authors, and she is endlessly gushing over me between making sexual comments. I love you, Jolene.

Rob Kristoffersen, Huggy Bear. The work you put into doing my review, and all the virtual holding back of my hair while I hurked. I love you dearly, but even I had no idea that you would come through for me in such a huge way. I’m floored by it.

My friends at Opening Line Magazine! That review and the interview, and the publishing of The Love Abominable stories, and the tweeting, and all the wonderful conversations we have, AND THAT REVIEW! Finding Opening Line was one of the best things to ever happen to me in the release of this book, and when I think “dream come true” I envision that review and the cover of Running Home on your site. Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you to Phil Cone, a man beyond measure, one of my favorite authors and one of the people I never expected to need in my life the way I do. You may tell me I’m a shitty writer all day long, but I know you think otherwise. Also, everyone go buy Paddy Nemesis. You wish you could write with that little filter, but you can’t because you’re not the amazing Phil Cone. You mug.

One of the first people to ever say Running Home was a solid book, even before it was, was JC Michael. This man went to bat for me immediately after my very first somewhat negative criticism on Authonomy. Then I read Discoredia, and we’ve been in each other’s faces ever since. We’ve come so far together, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have a friend in you.


One of my real life people, Jillian Marques. This gorgeous creature was actually a favorite employee of mine over ten years ago, and reappeared in my life, thank God, as a grown adult. I loved this girl from the minute I met her, and still do. Now, she’s not only an amazing support person in my life, and one I can always count on, but she has amazing writing chops of her own. Jilly Bean, I can’t wait until your work is out there for everyone to read. I love you.

Chynna-Blue Scott. The British little sister I never had. I don’t know what I did before you, and certainly won’t ever be able to be without you. Nobody knows just how much we really talk, but you’re one of my best friends in the world, for anyone who doesn’t know. Even if you didn’t have an amazing mind for what to do with Running Home, and didn’t put all the effort in that you do to be my personal cheerleader, I would still think you are one of the most incredible people on the planet. Brilliant, hilarious, beautiful and with a voice unlike any other I’ve ever heard in a novel. I love you dearly. Thank you for everything.

Kristen Strassel. You guys all see that we’re inseparable, but it’s so much more than that. Kristen has believed in my writing since we were kids, and has believed in Running Home even when I didn’t. She is the reason why I’m not in a social media hole. She’s the reason why I know anything about all the avenues I took to get this book published. She’s the reason why I never stopped. She was next to me when I pitched this book to an agent by phone in Hurricane Sandy, when we shouldn’t have driven to New Jersey, but did. Not because she needed an agent, but because I did. She feeds me, listens to me, is loved by my children, mom and husband, and she does more for me on an emotional level than even she realizes, and I can’t ever be without her. Kristen, I can’t wait to do this for Because The Night and Night Moves, not to  mention all the other awesome stuff you’re going to write.

And last, I swear, my husband, Tim Hutchings. You put our entire lives on the line by letting me leave my job to pursue this, because you always knew I could do it. You smile through the hardest times, you hold me when I can’t get out of my own head, you love me when I’m too hard to love. You’ve always seen me, and I’ve always seen you. There will never be anyone in the world who reaches my very soul the way you do. There’s no life for me without you in it. I love you more than you can ever know.

There are more people in the world for me to thank, but not all of them will read this, including Mrs. K, and Mr. Waterhouse, my 5th grade teacher. And Professors Curley and Hurley. (That’s real.) And of course, my mom and stepdad, and my Dad. But this is all I can take for today. I love you all.


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8 thoughts on “The World’s Longest Thank You by Julie

  1. dylanjmorgan on said:

    Okay, has anybody else got tears in their eyes?

    You’e welcome, Julie. You deserve the praise and the support. And you praise and support us too, and we love you and thank you for that in equal measures.


  2. wayne nelson on said:

    Hi Jules, I just want to let you know that you`re mom and i are very proud of you.


    On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 12:30 PM, deadlyeverafter wrote:

    > ** > deadlyeverafter posted: “TODAY’S BREW: Still drinking champagne.By > JulieI didn’t move from my laptop the whole morning. This is the text I > woke up to from Kristen the first morning Running Home was up on > Amazon:WAKE THE FUCK UP.LOOK. CHRIST ON A CRUTCH WOMAN YOU’RE KILLING ME. > (s”

  3. Jules, you made me feel all fluffy. I suddenly have the urge to go adopt kittens and bake or something.

    I’m just glad I’ll be able to say ‘I remember her when…’ once you’re a famous author and RDJ has been cast as Nicholas in your upcoming feature film.

  4. Oh, and make me teary again, and I’ll be forced to spaghetti cannon you.

  5. Salomons. Bobby Salomons. *Cue music*

    Well, what can I say… I already sent you a couple of messages expressing my support and my gratitude but I might as well do it out in the open since everyone else does so too.

    Where do I even begin? When I started, when I was literally entirely lost and insecure out there on Twitter, and when I was clueless beyond words – you were there. And you made me feel like I could actually write. Write like a writer.
    You made me realize there were like minded people, that all my strange ways and manners as a writer had a place. The way you, and Kristen for that matter, gave me a welcome was beyond “a welcome” – it was coming home. Or better said, finding one.

    I owe you more than I could ever express or repay you, any future success (God willing) I will in part of you. But more importantly, I owe part of me to you. And I can say that undoubtedly by all the support you’ve gathered and will continue to keep gathering – you’ve done the same for so many others.

    Now before all this starts coming off all too dramatic I just want to end it with this. People like you are few and far apart. If there were more like you the future would be a lot brighter for all of us. Mildly disturbing at times but brighter regardless.
    If there’s anyone that deserves this so very much, it’s you. I couldn’t pick a better person to say: “Give her the success she deserves and then some” but you. And I will always cheer, smile and mention “I know her!” every time I see your name on future best-sellers. BOOM.

    – Your friend, Bobby.

  6. You’re great & well worth the support. No thanks are necessary! But you’re welcome!

  7. I remember those Authonomy days! (Discoredia RULES, J.C.!)
    It’s wonderful to see all the people who support you and your great book, Julie 🙂

  8. Julie! I fucking love you and I’m beyond proud of you. You’re so amazing, a talented writer, and hilarious. I’m so thankful that we’ve met and I’m even more thankful that we’ve become friends.

    Let the memories keep building and the sexual innuendos never end.

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