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Running Home Available NOW!

Today’s Brew:  Champagne!

by Kristen

Picture it, Whiskey Tango Boulevard. Not as you know and love it today, but in the late 1980s.  Two teenage girls with bad hair, a love of fantasy, and a notebook pass their free time.  They filled that notebook with ridiculous stories about their friends and rock stars.  When they weren’t in the house, the dark haired girl would tell the blonde stories of her “dreams” to entertain her. They would pass notes between classes full of more of the same.  Their wild imaginations could not be stopped.

Move forward a few years, to when the brunette tells the blonde that she’s going to major in business in college.  The blonde thinks this is the most ridiculous thing she’s ever heard.  You don’t want to business, she tells the brunette.  You want to write.  The brunette majors in creative writing and still manages to go on to have a successful career in business despite the blonde’s advice.

I’m sure you can figure that Julie is the brunette and I’m the blonde.

Today, the culmination of all of Julie’s hard work is out for the entire world to enjoy.  Running Home is finally available.  Little more than a year ago, this book only existed in long hand writing, spread out between multiple notebooks.  Now, it fits nicely into your electronic reading advice.

Being so active in the writing community, it’s easy to forget what a giant accomplishment this is.  First of all, Julie wrote this book by hand while her oldest son slept.  Then, barely computer literate, she not only managed to transform it into a viable manuscript, but she built a giant, adoring community of friends and found Running Home a home.  Seventy percent of books that are started are not finished.  A single digit percentage of those finished books get published.  It’s like hitting the lottery.

This very moment is what Julie has always wanted.  One of the reasons she quit her management job to pursue this dream is so she could show her sons that you could accomplish anything if you worked hard enough at it.  They might be too young to understand that now, but that is a lesson I wish anyone bothered to instill in me as a child.

So please join me in congratulating my best friend, my hetrosexual life partner, and McGee’s favorite auntie on the release of her debut novel.  And would you please go buy it?




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12 thoughts on “Running Home Available NOW!

  1. Already done, hours ago, Kristen! *sets off party poppers*

  2. Goddamnit I cried again. We did it! WE DID THIS! And there is no one on earth I would rather have by my side all these years to make it a reality. I love you, and couldn’t be happier that we’ve done this thing.

    Let the Sheening commence.


  3. WHOO-HOO!!!

    Thrilled beyond words! 😀

  4. Reblogged this on Vampire Syndrome Blog and commented:
    Congratulations, Julie Hutchings!

  5. Ok I bought it… I’m reading it… I LOVE IT!!! Congrats, Julie!

  6. caliccardi on said:

    Reblogged this on C.A.Liccardi and commented:
    Julie’s book, Running Home hits Amazon TONIGHT!

  7. It is a HUGE HUGE accomplishment. So many congratulations, Julie!

  8. Thank you, Laura, and Chris, and Daven and everybody!!! This is so wonderful to share with you guys!

  9. Belated Congratz! Times a billizion! This is the greatest news of the year.

  10. I bought it. I’m so fucking happy for you, doll.

  11. Reblogged this on Chynna-Blue Ink and commented:
    The Julie Hutchings has been PUBLISHED. I’m so freaking happy. IT’S AMAZING.

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