Deadly Ever After

Kristen’s Peppermint Brownies

Today’s Brew: Let’s spike some egg nog.  This makes me in the mood for Christmas.

by Kristen.  Obvs.  Julie can’t cook.

Peppermint Brownie Goodness. These aren’t mine, as I’ve never photographed such food porn.

One of the things that attracts Ellie Morgan to Nicholas is that her first memory of him is his scent; peppermint brownies. The vampire’s scent is ever-changing. Ellie equates the scent of baked goods with home, something she doesn’t know, and fears she never will. Intended to lure her in, Nicholas’s scent speaks to this basic need of hers.

Lure in your own prey with this recipe!

Everyone knows that food is love.  I love to cook, and share my creations with other people, which is usually Julie.  Every time I bring a dish somewhere, it’s always brownies.  Not to be a self important you know what, but my brownies are the bomb.  It’s an undisputed fact. People have proposed marriage after having them.

In celebration of Running Home’s release, I will share my recipe, which is more like a formula, for these little squares of heaven.  And forget about your diet.

  • Get a good box of brownie mix.  Yeah, I said it, these bitches are from a box.  I usually get the Betty Crocker Supreme with the Hershey’s Fudge Packet and the chocolate chips.  Of course, you can add these things on your own, but why bother when Betty’s so willing to please.
  • Whatever it amount of water the recipe calls for, you replace that with peppermint schnapps. No water.  Just booze.  Eggs and oil as suggested. And no schnapps while you’re baking, you big boozehound.  Unless it’s left over.  But a nip usually will suffice.
  • Mix the batter as little as possible.  The more you mix, the more air gets in, giving a cakey texture.  If I wanted that, I’d make a frigging cake. Also from a box. Listen, no one bitches. So stop judging me or I won’t make you any more dessert. Less mixing gives an ooey gooey fudgy texture.  That’s how brownies were meant to be. Don’t let anyone tell you different.
  • Spread the mixture into a glass pan.  Crumble white chocolate peppermint bark over the batter.  I suggest Ghiradelli, but you could use any brand.  I like Ghiradelli because it’s in easy to break up squares. For Christ’s sake, don’t use candy canes unless you want to break your teeth.
  • The chocolate melting on top forms a ganache, but it makes the brownies take a little longer to cook.  Watch them closely once the cooking time is up.  For best results, slightly undercook them.  Yup.  Don’t wait until the knife comes up clean or your brownies will be dry as shit.  Undercooking makes them moist and wonderful.

I don’t share my secrets with just anyone, so realize this is a classified info.  Please make them and share. With me.  As I said before, food is love.


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