Deadly Ever After


TODAY’S BREW: brews. Know what I mean? Like beer.

By Julie

So, whatchu guys doin’? Me? Oh, nothing, just finishing a book. (scribbles on pieces of paper and bats them off desk).

Yes, Running Home is the big news right now…..WHENEVER IT COMES OUT…but I’m always working on something. Keep the wheels in motion. I wanted The Harpy finished by 7/22 and I finished 3 days early. Boom.

I say this about every book I write, but man, I love this book.

Right here, you have the Harpies of mythology, and mother of God, they were gross bitches.

The Harpy Sisters Aello, Okypete and Kelaeno by artist unknown.

In Greek myth, Zeus punishes a king who has the gift of sight by blinding him and putting the guy on an island with a huge buffet. These bitches come and snatch the food out of the blind king’s hands before he can eat it, and literally poop on the rest of it, so he is eternally hungry. You’ve also got the spin where the Harpies are 3 vindictive sisters, agents of punishment that revel in torture and cruelty. And here’s where these nasty things live:

In Dante’s Inferno, the Harpies live in the 7th ring of Hell, the Wood of Suicides, where the “self-murderers” are eternally tortured by having their bodies grow into trees, twisting and maiming them, so that the Harpies can live off of their flesh for having committed this sin. I mean, wow.

Me,  being me, loved the grotesqueness of all of this, and wanted to put a spin on Harpy mythology, and modernize it, as is my way. And you have met my Charity before, right here.

Here’s my girl.

Christina Aguilera on the set of "Lady Marmalade" inspirado for my new MC's look.And she’s also a little of this:

There's my girl. Charity.Charity’s childhood abuse has turned her into a intimidating, vengeful thing trying to decide which of her lives to run from. She has her soft spots; a salt of the earth, rock and roll neighbor with a heart of gold, a new friend she meets at her psychiatrist’s office that she clicks with, a put together business type gentleman whose path crosses hers, and unicorns. Yes, unicorns. Not real unicorns. Little statues of them and stuff. They’re on her bed spread, for Chrissakes. But the horrible Harpy world she is invited into takes away the underlying pain that drives her every breath, and her choices become more complex than she is willing to deal with.

I had a shitload of fun with this book, and could not be happier to have finished it. I’ll be querying it soon, looking to kick this crazy bitch out of my house.


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7 thoughts on “I FINISHED A BOOK

  1. Bloody fantastic, Jules! Woohoo! 😀

  2. Nice. I didn’t even know you posted! This is a good idea, to shout these things from the rooftops.


  3. A GREAT feeling. Congrats, sounds like a fun one!

  4. caliccardi on said:

    Ah Beta Read anyone? You ROCK, Julie. This is indeed excellent. Are you bouncing out of your chair? LOL


  6. You. Amaze. Me!! That is all… xxx

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