Deadly Ever After

Character Expo: Chris Lynch of Running Home

TODAY’S BREW: A gallon of this S’mores coffee, and then I will pour the grounds into the air conditioner to see what happens.

by Julie

Kristen will be pleased, today I feel like talking about our resident psychopath, Chris Lynch.

Charming, hot bastard. He’s nuts.

Running Home‘s most obvious villain is the sharknado of an attorney, hunted down in Boston by the old guys who work at the sad excuse of a “law firm” that Kat works at, to bring in some fresh, new blood. No pun intended. (Totally intended.) Young and wealthy, worldly, polished and calculating, Lynch is a fish out of water in Ossipee, New Hampshire, and fits together with Kat as well as Paula Deen fits into a waffle house. Kat could not fall harder for the smooth talker.

Desperate to rid himself of his eternal babysitters, Roman and Nicholas, Lynch is eager to head to New Hampshire, if only for new hunting grounds. Lynch is one of the Shinigami, with fated victims to put to rest, chosen for him, but that doesn’t stop his killing nature. Killing humans isn’t just a job for Chris Lynch, it’s something he’s worked at his entire existence. His carefully hidden twisted mentality combined with the unmatchable weapons of his charm and vampire abilities makes him a danger that needs reeling in. Nicholas and Roman are just the vampires to do it, no matter how much they resent it. Obligation is obligation, and the Shinigami don’t turn their backs on their calling.

Chris is more trouble than he seems to be worth. His need to kill isn’t only based on his thirst for blood, but the sick mind that fuels it. Kat sees none of this, and Ellie can’t convince her of the impossible to believe. And Lynch loves the problems he causes like a kid setting fire to things to watch them burn.

I wrote a couple of short stories from the sick bastard’s point of view in The Love Abominable, here and The Love Abominable, Part 2, here And you’ll get a faceful of him in Running Home.


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9 thoughts on “Character Expo: Chris Lynch of Running Home

  1. I’m rubbing my hands, ready for a marathon read, Jules! Is the release back on for the 22nd? I see the calendar has it as being the 22nd still.

  2. You are so good at these!! I remember beta-ing The Love Abominable before I’d even read Running Home, and loving it.

    (p.s. I don’t know who Paula Dean is, so I’m just imagining a giant waffle with a face.)

  3. Thank you! As am I for Awakening 2!!!

  4. Aren’t all attorneys “sharknados”?


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