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Pay It Forward

Today’s Brew:  To be honest, I’m not even sure. I just inhaled it.

by Kristen

No matter what we do, all of us make our living by relying on someone to buy something. You may not directly work in sales, but you need people to consume, have a need for the product that supports your livelihood. If you work in education, you need people to buy in to our educational system and see the value in learning, meaning your provide value in learning.  If you work in government, you need people to buy into your belief system and think that you are the person best suited for that job.  Medicine, you need to convince people you know the recipe to make them well.  I wanted to illustrate the ones that seemed to be the least obvious sales pitch.

The end goal is we’re all hoping someone buys our stuff.

This is especially true for self employed or artistic people.  If you write books, you’re both. If you’ve sent a query, you’ve dreamed that you could support yourself off of your writing. You might have friends who are writers, artists, subcontractors.  These are the people who are living closest to the American Dream now. The rest of it’s been perverted but this is true: if you work hard, you can succeed.

You might have received an ARC of a book, or been asked to critique or beta for a friend.  You probably put up an awesome review or Goodreads or Amazon, hoping to lure other buyers to this book. That’s awesome, and you probably did everything that person asked of you. You probably have that person’s undying gratitude.

But did you buy the book?

Rachel Ray had a great concept on her show. She’d give away free CDs or books to the audience and tell them, if you like what you got today, pay it forward. Buy it for a friend. Buy it for a library, even. Kind words, support, and reviews are great, but the only thing that translates into that artist getting the opportunity to create more work professionally is sales.

Money talks. Sad but true.  If you love something, put your money where your heart is. Support your writers and artists!

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3 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. kandykayscaramuzzo on said:

    Interesting. I did not know Rachel Ray said that. It is a really good idea though. I find one book that I think is totally awesome and will fit many people on my Christmas list and then I buy it for everyone for Christmas. I did just buy one book for everyone, but I think I may have to diversify this year and buy different ones for different people.

  2. This is SO TRUE. Oh my God. I think that people forget that getting stuff given to them by the artist means that the artist is losing that sale. They’re relying on you to spread the word, become an evangelist for their work but so rarely does anyone ever ask for the people they’ve given their work to to buy and give and spread the love.

    I love this post. I wish I could like it twice.

  3. Thanks, ladies.

    Street teams, beta readers, and critique partners are composed of people who are close enough to buy the author’s book if they didn’t already get it for free. We’re in this culture of getting things for as cheap as possible and pirating art for free. We’re devaluing ourselves in the process.


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