Deadly Ever After

The Elephant in the Room

TODAY’S BREW: Whatever coffee finds its way into my cup and then some.

By Julie

Look at this beautiful, serene cover:

summer (1)

This is the lovely Summer’s Edge anthology put together by Elephant Press and Matt Sinclair. AND I SHALL DISGRACE ITS BEAUTIFUL PAGES WITH A CREEPY SONOFABITCHING STORY OF MY VERY OWN. Matt was good enough to publish a not before seen short story of mine, Irreplaceable in this anthology, available on 7/15! I really love this story, and have been dying for you all to read it. So please do. PLEASE DO.

The theme Matt set us up with was of short lived relationships of any kind. So, you can imagine the freak show I managed to bring to the table. I love being given a theme to write off of, and putting some unexpected twist on it, and I was inspired with this one. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will be happy to show the photo that got my juices flowing soon. Until then, SUFFER. And start stalking Elephant Press LLC.


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