Deadly Ever After

Party Time! Excellent! The Undead Duo goes Live

Today’s Brew:  I spilled my first cup of coffee like an amateur.

by Kristen

Undead Duo Live

Julie and I have been talking about this for a while, and now it’s a reality.  We have our own blog radio talk show.  Undead Duo Live.

Starting Monday, July 15 at 6:30 pm EST, you can listen to Julie and I talk about our favorite subject:  our books.  It’s a half an hour show.  You can listen to us for a half an hour.  If you think we’re fun here and on Twitter, we are even more fun live.  Things just happen.

We hope you’ll tune in!  We won’t be taking phone calls right away while we get the hang of it, but you can still get involved.  If you are on Twitter while your listening, hashtag any comment #undeadduolive so we can see them.  None of what we do makes any sense without you, so we hope you enjoy this new venture!


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5 thoughts on “Party Time! Excellent! The Undead Duo goes Live

  1. I’ll be listening in!

  2. Yay! Thanks, John! We hope a lot of you “hear” us!


  3. I am way too excited about this! 😀
    I think this is an awesome idea and can’t wait for you girls to go live!

  4. This is orgasmic-ly COOL! I can’t wait.. I swear you two will have stalkers by the end of July 😉

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