Deadly Ever After

Juggling the Job I Have with the Job I Want

Today’s Brew: Caramel Vanilla Creme.  The important thing is my Keurig is back from the dead yet again.

by Kristen

My new Pinterest account profileVampire Smut Peddler. Makeup Artist. I get distracted by shiny things.

I’m not bitching.  I know I’m lucky. As a makeup artist, I am able to work more or less part time and make full time money.  But I don’t have a set schedule.  I can’t depend on 20 hours a week.  I might work 70 hours one week, then nothing the next. The hours are long and my days start early (witnessed by my 4 AM tweets).  Summers are busy, winters not so much.  There are no patterns.  I have to expect the unexpected.

That’s what I like.  I could never work a regular 9-5 job.  I get bored and cause trouble if there’s not enough variety in my day.  This is the perfect career for me.  It gives me time to pursue other interests, including writing.  I’ve made a lot of headway on the first draft of Night Moves, the companion novel to Because The Night. But I’m also getting super busy with makeup work.  Production is in full swing and wedding season is on.  That means early mornings and exhausted evenings.  Julie and I weren’t able to get together at all last week.

I’ve never been particularly good at juggling.  My makeup paperwork lags due to my writing.  My writing schedule gets thrown off due to work.  There’s never really a day off. I’m always glued to my phone.  Brides want answers right away.  They text me during Julie’s son’s birthday party.  I still haven’t figured out how to set office hours and boundaries.  I’ve tried, it just doesn’t work.

This past week was one of my busy makeup weeks.  Three long days on an infomercial.  A long day of celebrating American Independence on the beach. A wedding in Western Massachusetts. I also managed 10,000 words on Night Moves.  I read a whole book.  And I cleaned a lot of annoying clutter out of the back bedroom.

For me, activity attracts activity. The more I do, the more I can get done.  I came home almost every night and dove into Night Moves.  It actually gave me more structure.  I didn’t have the luxury of fucking off all day long and saying I’d get to writing later on.  It was do it now or don’t do it at all.  I don’t get hung up on word counts or having to have everything perfect.  But I’m making an effort to keep up with everything.  It might not always make sense, the way I do it, but the important thing is doing it.

I’m already dressing for the job I want:  I write this in my pj’s.  If my books ever take off, will I give up work all together?  I don’t think so.  I know a lot of you with kids feel this way every day.  There’s never a day off from being a mom or dad. And you probably work, too.  My hat is off to you for finding time for yourself to pursue your dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Juggling the Job I Have with the Job I Want

  1. Kick its ass and then call it your bitch, Kristen. You are one busy and productive, not to mention amazing writer and friend. We can all take a queue from your persistence and attitude.

  2. I didn’t know that you are a makeup artist. Me too. I haven’t been doing it for a few years, but I do miss it. And I agree. I love having more than one job. It keeps me from getting bored–and I HATE routines!

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