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Trying on a New Hat with Pen and Muse Press

Today’s Brew:  I drank enough Diet Coke today I’ve probably corroded my innards.

by Kristen

If you’ve been hanging around the Twitter box lately, you’ve probably seen the buzz about the new division of Pen and Muse, run by the fabulous Kristen Jett and Jolene Haley.

Introducing Pen and Muse Press!


What does that mean for you?

Pen and Muse Press is an accompaniment to Pen and Muse, a writer’s haven, for writers of all ages and genres. Receive personalized marketing, branding, and writing to help further your writing career.  Pen and Muse Press is the side of Pen and Muse for writers who are serious about treating their writing career as a business.

 “Found your writing Muse but need a little inspiration in the marketing department? We’re your Muses!”

What does this mean for me?

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the publicity interns for Pen and Muse Press, to be launched on July 22 (date tentative).  July 22 is a big day round these parts.  Julie’s just releasing her debut novel that day.  So as you can imagine, it will be like any other Monday.

You’ll be seeing me musing on social media.  Facebook, Google Plus, possibly some Twitter action.  We will be hosting some of Pen and Muse Press clients’ blog tours here on Deadly Ever After as well, so stay tuned to see the some of the best fresh new talent as they launch their new projects.

I’m really excited about this position, and I thank Kristen and Jolene for choosing me.  I have discovered that I really enjoy the publicity end of book marketing, and these ladies know their stuff!  I’m looking forward to soaking in all the knowledge they are willing to give me, while giving authors the recognition they need to get their books off the shelf and into your hot little hands.  Stay tuned to Pen and Muse Press for more information, or follow us on Twitter!



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6 thoughts on “Trying on a New Hat with Pen and Muse Press

  1. YAYYYYY!!! Go Kristen!

  2. Great news, Kristen! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! We feel SO supremely lucky to have you. How can we fail if we have your incredible talent on board?! 🙂

  4. PS. Love your post btw ❤

  5. Thanks! We will take over the world and the world will like it.

  6. Congratz Kristen and the Pen and Muse crew!

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