Deadly Ever After

A Present from the Past: Part of The Memory Project

I took the liberty of reblogging-ish from Carey Torgensen’s blog, as I am very proud of Kristen for doing this story for The Memory Project. This was really difficult for her, had a lot of truth to it, and I commend her for facing it and seeing it through.

(From Carey’s blog)

I am not sure exactly when I met Kristen, except to say it was not long after being introduced to Julie Hutchings. The two go together like cookies and milk, chocolate and sex. And sex and sex. What I am saying is that these two are inseparable.

I first read some of Kristen’s work on the Undead Duo blog. Check it out here. Then I read her words on Josh’s #WorldsEnd series. And I knew then, not only was she hilarious, supportive, and kind, but a fantastic writer.

She is seriously one of the best friend’s a girl can ask for and does everything she can for the people she loves. She’s beautiful, intelligent, wonderful and a powerhouse. To say she is talented is an understatement. And it seems only fitting that she started out the stories in #worldsend and she starts out the stories here.

Meet Kristen Strassel. She is woman. Hear her roar. And kick ass.


The Memory Project (continued)

I picked up a small box on the bottom of the suitcase. Worn velvet. Any woman who was worth her salt knew what one of these boxes held. Promises. Words of love. Tradition. It was a lot to be held in such a small container.

I cracked it open, hinges popping. Inside the case, a beautiful silver antique ring, set with a large blue stone. The beveled edges gleamed and sparkled in the soft sunlight. Small beams of light sparkled upon the walls. Light danced in the room. For a second, the room, dark and dank with secrets became a ballroom, lit up brilliantly by tiny stars.

“It’s beautiful.” My eyes locked on the gem. “I wonder who wore it.”

(to be continued)
A Present From The Past
By Kristen Strassel

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4 thoughts on “A Present from the Past: Part of The Memory Project

  1. Those words are so true…
    I’m honored to know you both and call you friends.
    I love that bit of story, can’t wait to read more…so many possibilities of what type of a story…
    Is the rest up somewhere?

  2. That’s great writing, Kristen. It’s really quite beautiful.

  3. Thanks, both of you.

    The rest of the story? Well, let’s see….I had a nervous breakdown, put all my shit in storage, and was functionally homeless for 8 months.

    Don’t worry, I never slept on a sidewalk. I stayed in a crack house, a million dollar house on the ocean, and a hotel.

    That part of the story is called “2012.” You know the rest. So far. I like to think it has a happy ending.


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