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Big Deal For Tiny Person

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By Julie


The 6 year old’s Kindergarten graduation is today. He has been against this thing from the get-go. Now, he’s not an introvert, and is usually the star of little school how-do-ya-do’s, but this one, he is just not feeling.  So the question is:


This is where we raise the question, will the kid really thank us for making him sing “the girly firefly song” or will he thank us more for listening to him and doing what he wants to do?

Is there any value in making him do this thing because he only graduates Kindergarten once?

Do you feel guilt about not attending every single goddamn school function?

Will forcing the child to do something like this that he doesn’t want to do make him look back and say, “man, my parents were such douches?”

Is it totally archaic to just tell him to suck it up?

Does it really benefit a child to see his parents have such interest in his school functions, even if he does not?

Remember when there was only the one graduation, from high school, and it was a huge deal because it was the only one?


I’m feeling  like we tell the boy we are going because it is important to celebrate accomplishments. It’s also important to celebrate accomplishments the way the accomplisher wants to. Therefore, we will have cupcakes and mini golf later. Either way, he does not have to sing.

Yes, we all have to do things we don’t want to do, but you know what else we have to have? Someone who says, “you know what? You don’t have to do it.”

One way or another, we are getting cupcakes out of this deal.


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4 thoughts on “Big Deal For Tiny Person

  1. Be prepared. They graduate them now from EVERYTHING. Kindergarten, Sixth Grade, Middle School and then, finally, high school. It’s a little ridiculous. But any opportunity to get cupcakes…I’d be in! Congrats!

  2. I still think he should go. Like I said on Twitter, it will give him a sense of closure. It also shows him to follow things through to the end. And he might have fun. He gets cupcakes and glow golf, his favorite things.

    I think all these graduations from every grade are ridiculous. Trophy generation. I graduated from high school and college, as well as my various trade schools after that. And I walked up hill both ways in the snow to do it.


  3. I agree with John. Everything is a graduation ceremony these days. Hell taking a walk to get lunch generally garners some sort of celebratory shout-out in the classrooms. Its really getting a little silly… but the cupcake thing has merit.

    Well done to him though. 🙂 Next step… College lol

  4. Ah man, that’s hard. I was this kid – was never into any of the graduation ceremonies. BUT. My parents did make me go to all of them. And in the end I think I was glad — they always ended up being more fun than I thought they’d be. Although I admittedly don’t remember the kindergarten one 😉

    “Yes, we all have to do things we don’t want to do, but you know what else we have to have? Someone who says, “you know what? You don’t have to do it.””

    Even as adults, we still often need someone in our lives to say this. We had plans this weekend that fell terribly awry and finally one of us said, “You know? This isn’t fun. Let’s quit.” Best. Decision. Ever.

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