Deadly Ever After

The Writing Adventures of The Undead Duo–Julie Hutchings and Kristen Strassel

Vegas Is A City Of Decaying Beauty; Just Like You

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Vegas is a city of decaying beauty; Just like you. Vegas is fast, fickle and a mess of girls who are beautiful with men who are no such thing. But they can afford it. You, you are faster though, more fickle and you hang off the arm of a different man every week. Vegas is a city with beauty used as a concealer, to hide the blemishes of the darkness in the cracks. You, you are the same but you are so much more as well.

There is a lot I know about you, I know that you like your kisses rough and your coffee strong. I know that you think we deserve to live in a house with marbled floors with too many bedrooms to count. You say ‘I’ll make it one day, you’ll see.’ and I nod because this is you. This is you believing that what we…

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2 thoughts on “Vegas Is A City Of Decaying Beauty; Just Like You

  1. The real city of the undead…

  2. Yes! Home of my first vampire rockers!


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