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Live From The Variety Show, It’s Monday Night!

Today’s Brew:  Back to Blueberry.  Funny it seems that I’m running awfully low on coffee faster than usual.

by Kristen

Picture it:  Boston, Jacques Lounge, Monday Night.  Mild mannered Julie and Kristen, accompanied by Kristen’s photographer friend Michael ventured into a neighborhood we’d never heard of (Bay Village?  Come on.  You’ve never heard of it, either. Super cute neighborhood though.) to see Kristen’s model friend Ludella Hahn perform.

Jacques is primarily a drag venue.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, since if you’ve ever seen Ludella, you would know that she is all girl.  Sometimes they ask her to pretend to be in drag when it’s an actual drag show, but on this night, she was doing a regular burlesque performance, which I was way more excited about.

Vice V'Ersatile

Vice V’Ersatile

Our emcee for the night, the fabulous Vice V’Ersatile, reminded Julie and I of a cross between Andy Dick and Austin Powers.  He started the show with a lounge version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, and peppered the intermissions with hilarity.  He also took an extreme liking to Michael and his Cowardly Lion like hair.

There is a capture of the first act that I posted straight to Twitter.   Sean Revolting was a slippery one, hiding behind his computer, obscuring his awesome glittery anteater mask.  His performance was all electronic music.  It wasn’t really my bag, but Julie and Michael liked it.  All I can remember is him singing about fish food and his cat.  And I don’t know why. Then this happened:

So one minute this chick is sitting next to us, drinking beer, eating combos, the next she gets up to duet w anteater mask guy. #dragtweets

Carrie, as she was introduced, kept looking back at me and Julie giggling during Sean’s performance. Then the next thing you know, she’s on stage with him!  What?  Afterwards, she tells us how awesome WE were.  What?


Ludella came out for the first of her two sets after that.  This was the first authentic burlesque performance I’d ever seen in person.  I’m almost ashamed of that.  Her costume was elaborate, but her moves were subtle and seductive.  All tease, all imagination.  Complete with nipple tassels.


Ludella in Pink

Ludella in Pink


Then this happened.

The Stone Sisters

The Stone Sisters

The Stone Sisters.  The Singing Stone said something about being 84 years old.  We all think she was telling the truth.  She had a great voice, but the rest of the performance was a bit jarring for us.  Especially when she started tap dancing.

Ludella came out, this time in red, and saved the day but putting beauty back in our lives!

Vice V’Ersatile closed the show with his backing band, The Bad Boyfriends.  They break up with girls on their birthday.  The drummer played a toy drum set.

The Finale.

Since you can’t top this, you should witness it for yourself. Personae, hosted by Vice V’Ersatile, happens the second Monday of every month at Jacques Cabaret.  Ludella performs all over the country, so you have no excuse not to catch her in the act.  Like her on Facebook.


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One thought on “Live From The Variety Show, It’s Monday Night!

  1. I thank you, darling heterosexual life partner, for putting this evening into words. I was rendered speechless. I lived some things I will dream of, others I will have nightmares about, and none of which I will ever be allowed to forget. Also, can I please have one of these Vice V’Ersatiles? I need one.


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