Deadly Ever After

Fun Decay

Today’s Brew:  More Vanilla Caramel Creme.  Even just the smell makes me happy.

by Kristen

I love amusement parks.  The higher, faster, scarier the roller coaster, the better.  I can’t wait till all my friend’s kids are old enough and tall enough to ride rides with me.

But these parks keep getting harder and harder to find.  In Sex and Soco, the girls and their new friends party at an abandoned amusement park.  I decided to explore some of the local parks that used to exist.  Most of them have been severely vandalized or burned down if they still have any buildings standing.  Others have been torn down and made into housing or retail.  Yawn.  If they’re lucky, they’ve become open space parks.

There used to be a ton of these neighborhood parks in Massachusetts.  Why did they close?  Mostly because of financial issues and mismanagement.  The little parks couldn’t compete with the huge mega parks anymore.  Others had safety issues, and bad publicity from injury and death led to their demise.  The roller coaster at Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, MA jacknifed and never reopened.

I couldn’t help but see the similarities in what happened to these amusement parks and some of the asylums we explored during March Madness.  Interesting how fun and madness are so closely intwined.


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7 thoughts on “Fun Decay

  1. That clown picture is genuinely haunting. Just the right amount of decay…

  2. caliccardi on said:

    You had me at Vagina of Hell….

    I think, deep in the heart of every single scary tale, lives a clown (thank you Pennywise, you sick F*&^) who is trapped in some amusement park hell.

    Soul eating, sycophantic freaks put on this Earth to do nothing more than torture, torment and bedazzle and curry in the most convincing ways, all for the sake of knocking our ice cream on the ground, or popping our balloon animals as we exit our happy place on the way back to the mundane life we usually lead.

    I love it! Your mind is a thing of beauty, Kristen 😉

    • What about Ronald McDonald? He just wants to shower us with love and feed us pink slime and saturated fats. But we get toys! So it’s totally worth it.


      • caliccardi on said:

        LMFAO Pennywise is a lot creepier than Ronald… Although, Ronald has a house where he kidnaps children and makes them appear on Jenny Jones later in life..
        “I’m an obese clown lover”… Next, on Jenny!

      • I found a great Ronald photo that I tried to put on your facebook page but since FB is a fickle bitch I couldn’t do it, and now it’s lost in the interwebz.

  3. caliccardi on said:

    ROFL! The interwebz is an evil place. Its a place where the very old and the very crazy end up => >.<

  4. Great! I’ll fit right in.

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