Deadly Ever After

The Vision You Didn’t Want: Asylum Photos

TODAY’S BREW: Killian’s Irish Red!

by Julie

A friend procured these very disturbing asylum pics for me, though I am not at liberty to say who or where they came from or when, making it super top secrety. I’m certain these images will resonate with you as they have with me. Enjoy…you won’t.

I wish I can read these patient reports

You can't hide..LV


Blood on the walls..LV

The guest suite..LV

Linda childs room..Oh my!


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3 thoughts on “The Vision You Didn’t Want: Asylum Photos

  1. Awesome pictures! 😈

  2. The writing wasn’t so bad – it was the blood on the walls that did me. Nasty.

    • Korkoro on said:

      If you look at the 2nd and 3rd photos you will notice they both portray the same wall just now someone has wrote the words You Cant Hide. While they are great pictures and I love stuff like this, i’m sad that it is fake. And considering that the person had red pain on them, i don’t think the blood is real either 😦 But still hella cool pics!

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