Deadly Ever After

The Crazy Stream of Consciousness

Today’s Brew:  Coffee bubblebath

by Julie and Kristen

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Last night our evening was shaped by our intent to locate an abandoned insane asylum a few towns over.  More on that later, as we fully intend to go back this week, ready to explore and maybe enjoy a snack there.

As usual, we didn’t need an asylum to showcase our crazy.  The crazy can always be found in our conversations.  Think of this as an Undead Duo version of Texts From Last Night.

Snippets as follow, mostly in order.

Julie:  I wish I could set people on fire.
Kristen: I just dropped popsicle in my cleavage.

Kristen:  We should open a museum!
Julie: I can’t have those artsy fartsy people hanging around.

After locating the asylum, we headed to a local cemetery in the cold dark night to look at creepy ancient gravestones.  We changed our mind when Julie mentioned we’d probably get raped by the meth addicts that call the graveyard their home.

On the way back from the grave yard  to Kristen’s house:
Would anyone come to our Dracula parties?  Hey guys, you wanna come to our Dracula party, you don’t have to dress like Dracula, but some people will and there will probably be a strobe light.  We could probably throw a Snoopy party and people will come.

Kristen:  You need to get a babysitter so we can leave for next week’s sex toy party in time for me to do an old lady’s birthday makeup on the way.

Kristen:  Beet juice is delicious! They squeeze it fresh for us sometimes on set for breakfast.
Julie:  So you Frank The Tank it?

Julie:  I want a hearse.
Kristen:  You’re going to put baby seats in a hearse?
Julie:  The kids would think it was cool.  My 2 year old told me today he’d see me in hell.

Julie:  There’s a bra in my purse.
Kristen: There’s trash on my floor.

And with that, I drove Julie home.  Our evening was about half as long as we usually spend together, both of us practically fell asleep during the Buffy marathon we tried to have once we got back to my house.


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8 thoughts on “The Crazy Stream of Consciousness

  1. I love that conversation! You too are so funny.

  2. I wish I could hang out with you guys.
    And come to your Dracula party.

  3. You guys are totally invited to our Dracula party. This is only what we remember talking about. If you had actually seen us, Jesus Christ.

  4. Holy fuck you two are amazing. I can picture each of you having this conversation and I am pissed I wasn’t there to witness this insanity. Why, may I ask Julie, do you have a bra in your purse? lol

  5. Well thanks buddy! And it is none of your damn business why I had a bra in my purse. 😉

  6. Miss Tiff Eying on said:

    Lmao!!! Such a priceless friendship!
    Grrrrr Arghhh

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