Deadly Ever After


Today’s Brew: Not blood. More like Great Value Grape drink stuff.  Yeah, basically Kool Aid.

by Kristen


Photo courtesy of Isn’t it AWESOME??

The desire to see blood being shed
A lust or desire
A fetish associated with sexual activity
The need to consume blood
A feeling of

Bloodlust is not a new concept by any means. It’s even got it’s own Wikipedia page, making it super legit.  Many vampire books before Immortal Dilemma have dabbled in Bloodlust and still more thayhave yet to be written will play with it.  Many vampire flicks bear its name and musicians sing about it.

In Immortal Dilemma, Bloodlust refers to the inexplicable attraction that people feel towards certain vampires.  Sexually,  the blood is erotic, mind altering, and addicting.

Bloodlust makes these vampires hard to resist and impossible to forget.





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One thought on “Bloodlust

  1. Classic B-movie art at its finest!


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