Deadly Ever After

Giant Tales–Now Available!

Today’s Brew: Not enough coffee. And if you were following my Twitter rant earlier, I finally got my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  And everyone lived.

by Kristen

I should be having champagne! Four of my short stories, including Broken, have been published in the Giant Tales Beyond The Mystic Doors anthology!  There will be two more volumes in this series I will be featured in.

It’s available on Amazon.  I’m biased and all, but I suggest you pick up your very own copy.  Seriously, kids, it costs less than my Starbuckian Goodness and did I mention my stories were in it?  🙂

The three-minute stories in this anthology, Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors, are full of suspense, surprise endings, and fantastic thrillers, which will surprise you, alarm you, and take you to unexpected places beyond the mystic doors.

Sixty-one stories written by sixteen authors, each tale is sure to take you to a new place with new characters. Moving with surprise twists and turns, this work of fiction is a real page-turner.

Take an unexpected journey beyond the mystic doors where you will experience all new stories, fresh and first-rate workmanship.

In essence, the three-minute tales of fantasy and thrillers will keep you turning the pages for more.


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