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Guest Post: Kristen Strassel and Writing in a Crowded Genre

The fabulous Muses, aka Jolene Haley and Kristen Jett, at Pen and Muse asked me to do a guest post for them, and it’s up today!  Go check it out!  I talk about writing in a crowded genre.  We all hear that there’s too many vampire books, young adult, new adult, erotica, insert popular genre here.  I tell you why I stuck to my guns, and what you can do to make your work stand out.


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2 thoughts on “I Get Around

  1. Thanks so much for writing such an amazing post. You know Kristen, I actually started writing a vampire novel a year ago and stopped because the genre was so crowded and I wasn’t sure if it would sell anymore. You’ve inspired me to keep going. 😛

  2. I want to read it when you’re finished! I’ve never read any of your work.

    You just need to write what’s in your head and in your heart. You can’t do it just to get published. I wrote a short story last week I don’t plan on sharing with the world but the idea came out and I just had fun with it. Of course, I desperately want Immortal Dilemma to find a good home with a publisher, but that’s not why I started writing it. I just wanted to write a book.

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