Deadly Ever After

A Tribute to Tim

TODAY’S BREW: Champagne! It’s Valentine’s Day!

by Julie

I love Valentine’s Day, always have. At Victoria’s Secret it was our Christmas, which always made it fun. But more than that, it’s one day to  get as sappy as you want to be. Give in to it. You know it’s in there.

I have shared the past 17 Valentine’s days with the man I am married to, Tim. There is nobody who doesn’t love Tim. He has this magnetism that makes him the most sought after friend to lean on to all who know him. It’s the reason why all of his friends have been his friends since high school. It’s the reason why all of his employees come to work every day. It’s the reason why he became my closest friend when we were fifteen, and why I knew we would be married almost as quickly.

After our introduction by a mutual friend in high school, it wasn’t long before I managed to get over that Tim was as sarcastic as me, and even more comfortable being himself than I was. Then I spent every waking minute at his house. His mom got me a job at the pet store she worked at. I slept over his house, and me and the MIL would ride to work together. His mom and I drink the same coffee, have the same level of weirdness, and we both love Tim. His sisters and I would play cards together for hours in our pajamas. I taught karate to a couple of his sisters. I went to their family events. His dad and I were buddies, going to the movies and the mall together. And his brother, Chris, is one of my favorite people on earth, a man after my own heart. (See the short story I forced him to write in The Nightmares Before Christmas.) And in the center of this overwhelming warmth, was Tim, the heart of it all. My heart.

Tim knows exactly who he is, and is happy every minute for what he has. He doesn’t have to remind himself to be thankful, he wakes up that way, with a smile on his bee-sting lips, and a laugh for every one of us. He warms a room the instant he walks in. He has an undying romance in him that has nothing to do with buying chocolates and flowers. It’s in his eyes when he looks at me, his hands when he gives me the briefest of touches. Every day, every minute. His passion and soul are unparalleled in anyone I have ever met. He’s what drives me to be the best person I know how to be; to make him as happy as he deserves.  He is my home in every way that matters. Even if he did not get me bacon roses.

I love you, Timmy. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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13 thoughts on “A Tribute to Tim

  1. I want a Tim. Find me one! Happy Valentines 🙂

  2. caliccardi on said:

    Ok this may sound weird but now I want to meet Tim as well… Bromance on Valentine’s Day?

  3. Do they even make Bacon Roses??
    You are a very lucky woman, Julie. Have a great day.

  4. I might be a wee bit envious of the awesome person you’re with, but I’m thrilled beyond words that you two are together. 🙂

  5. Julie, this is one of the most touching love letters I have ever read. And it’s not from a book or from a movie, it is from real life, which makes it even more amazing. I am happy for you you have found your soul mate. I wish you a long, beautiful life together. 🙂

    • You are so wonderful, thank you Lavinia. In truth, I could not write a love letter long enough for this man. And if you have not found yours, they will wonder how they lived so long without you when you do.

  6. Not to mention he puts up with all of our crap, he cooks us delicious feasts, and provides us with a never ending supply of alcohol.

    Happy V day from your other wife, Tim.

  7. You are incredibly lucky, Julie. Proof that real love exists, for all the cynics out there. I hope I’m half as happy as you once I’ve been with J as long.

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