Deadly Ever After

Both Julie and I fell in love with this. Julie is powerless due to Nemo, which is a lame name for a blizzard. I am posting while I have juice. Read this and LIVE IT.

Author C.A. White

Life should be erotic. Life should be a sensual experience. Not just when having sex but each day can be a delight. Because why not? What else are we here for?

We wake up in the morning and drink our coffee. Let the aroma and taste of the coffee beans mixed with cream liven your senses. Feel the yumminess on your taste buds and let it’s soothing decadence slide down your throat. Be grateful for it.

We take our showers and baths daily. Allow yourself to take notice of the water on your naked skin. Feel your skin…how it awakens the electrical impulses between your body and your fingertips. The epidermis is the largest organ on your body. It senses, it communicates with your brain. Apply lotion or oil after you dry off. Be good to it…it’s the only skin you’ll ever have. Treat yourself to a massage! Humans need…

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  1. This appreciation is highly flattering! It seems I have accomplished my goal at inspiring others!! Because of the amazing response I’ve received from this piece, I’ve inspired myself to write more!!

    Thank you, my fellow blogger friends. 🙂

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