Deadly Ever After

The Sexy Stream of Consciousness

TODAY’S BREW: French Toast Medium Roast. There’s a little sexy right there.

By Julie and Kristen

These are things we find sexy, rattled off in an almost marathon fashion to make your day that much saucier.  This is not a list of our “types,” as we love individuals.  These lists are not all inclusive as there is not enough space to fully let out our pervitude.


the hipbone divet.     dark hair and tans.    state pensions.    dads really into their kids.    dry humor.    men who can cook.     vampire of choice: Vachon from Forever Knight.   a blazer and untucked shirt.    when he does something really nice just for nothing.    boots. all kinds.   Blue eyes and dark eyelashes.   Stubble.   Full lips.   Boxer briefs.   Smelling good but not too good.   Guys who can write.    Guys who are really passionate about something.   Motorcycles.   Music taste with bonus points for hair metal appreciation.   Spontaneity.   Nothing on Rod Stewart.   Gauged ear piercings.  Holding hands.   A guy who doesn’t mind a little competition with a girl.  Surfer hair.


video game hair.   champagne and Thai food.     masculine, roughed up hands.    men not afraid to be poets.   sarcastic motherfuckers.     guys who take pride in being creeps (i.e. Rob Zombie).    vampire choice: Spike. Obviously.    The way they say your name.    brooding    come on. Tattoos.     Staying in.   when he flaunts that he reads more than comic books.    Smoldering when he looks at me.   Tell me you miss me.    Egotism.  Guys who can write.   Guys not super into cars.   A little bit of possessiveness.   Good music taste.   Strong thighs.   A guy who wakes up happy.    When he thinks it’s hot that I drink beer and eat like a meat-starved man.    A man who makes no apologies for who is and what he’s into.   Fireplaces and movies under a blanket.  Men of few words with all the right words.


Again, these are hardly all inclusive, as we could go on for days and days. (This is also something we find sexy… going on for days and days.)  Alright, before I get too filthy, tell us what you find sexy!




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27 thoughts on “The Sexy Stream of Consciousness

  1. ElisaQueens on said:

    I knew you two were up to something more but if I knew this was a summary I would’ve contributed..Gladly. Well done. Gummies all around! ; )

    • We have decided that you are nothing but trouble and we could not like it more. I have a feeling this will not be the last of these posts. 😉

      • Elisaueens on said:

        Amen sister. Troubles a brewin’ and it’s in the Northeast. I’ll join in and bring the coffee. You Jules can bring the blood sugar..

  2. Julie, don’t know if I’ve asked you this already, but if you haven’t read Halfway to the Grave then YOU NEED TO. Trust me.

  3. In the spirit of all things sexy, you’ve both managed to fit nearly all my mushy-gushy onto the page with not much else to add to it that would be different; Spike? Check. Rough hands? Check. Blue eyes and dark lashes? Check. Boxer briefs and sarcasm? Check. Writes? Cooks? Check and check. Music lover/musician? Check. Full bite-able lips? Uh, yeah! I mean check. Stubble? Oh baby! Add a little bit of songwriter in there, ‘specially the kind that can stare you in the eye from the stage,words stabbing you until you melt into a puddle, and a nice rapid-fire back and forth of snark, the kind where he gives you enough rope then yanks you back in with a twinkle? I’m so in! 😉
    Um, how am I supposed to continue my day with all this in my head? ❤

  4. And because I can’t leave a thing alone and it’s gonna bang my brain all day if I don’t mention this, your site is made of pure unadulterated awesome. That is all. For now. 😉

  5. Now if somehow we could click our heels and bring this Sultan of Sexiness to life. Especially since almost all of us are getting snowed in tomorrow.

    Can’t help but notice the men are so quiet on this one.


  6. This, while in its incompleteness, speaks volumes about two of my favorite women on planet Earth. <3. If it has not been said for the day or the week, I love both of you. You are both just the right side of wrong 😉

  7. I would love to see the ENTIRE list of your pervitude one day ladies. 😉 c’mon now. We can take it. We are brave readers and even braver lovers.

  8. I’m going to have to go with the old tried and true. TALL, Dark and handsome.
    He has to be tall, dark hair and eyes.
    I love scars, stubble (sometimes you want silky soft though) Humor, (make me laugh- make me laugh when I’m pissed and you get bonus points), love to read (if you write you get bonus points).
    Getting a little too hot now so I’m gonna shut up. :Blush:

  9. This reads like a great piece of slam poetry!

  10. beaubarnett on said:

    Hi I’m just saying I have blue eyes, horribly dry (and therefore rough) hands, write, just made seafood and chicken Alfredo, and am completely unashamed of reading 90% YA 🙂

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