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Twitter Crush by Jacqueline Czel

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This little minx resides right here in Boston near The Undead Duo. Follow her on Twitter @Jacqueline_Czel.


TWITTER CRUSH by Jacqueline Czel

JD looked at the address in his hand and smiled. The sun had set so he headed to her apartment. He ached to see Marla. 3,451 tweets, 767 direct messages, 634 emails passed between them in the last year and now he would meet her for the first time. He knew she was beautiful on the inside and had seen a handful of photos but now he’d find out what she was like in the flesh. It gave her the time she asked for but he needed more from her. He needed to see her, touch her and eventually share the truth about himself.

Marla left work and walked the 8 blocks it took to get to her apartment in the Back Bay just after 6pm. When she reached her brownstone she saw an incredibly attractive man who was well over six and half feet tall with a muscular frame and thick dark hair that hung just below his ears sitting on her front steps. His eyes were so dark they were almost black. He had a chiseled face with a hint of shadow on it. Although he looked a little pale, he was gorgeous. She took in all of the fine details of his appearance and the dark suit he wore and started to speak but he cut her off.


“Yes, how did you know my name?” She asked in a surprised voice.

“I’m JD Raynes,” he said holding out his hand.

She didn’t take it. Marla felt drawn to this stunning man on her stoop but he didn’t look like the JD in her mind or the photographs on her Macbook. He was way too handsome. The JD she knew looked a little bit like the mysterious looking man in front of her but really more like the average Joe.

“When the rain and wind come together, passionate storms ensue.”

Marla narrowed her blue eyes at him. “Are you some hacker who’s stolen my tweets?”

“I hardly think so,” JD responded in a smooth voice.

A tempest of lust built up quickly inside JD as he gazed at her. Her wild dark brown curls and large blue eyes were incredibly sexy and her smooth oval face upon which a smattering of freckles sat was adorable. As he lost his control the wind whipped around them and electricity singed the air.

Marla noticed dark ominous clouds rolling across the sky. The sky blackened quickly and a loud crack of lightening illuminated the street. Loud thunder and rain followed. JD stood up from the stairs and looked out at the dark sky then back at her. Marla stared at him for a moment. She moved to climb the steps but he swiftly settled himself in front of her.

“You’re the cause of this. I can’t control myself.” he said in a deep accent voice before planting his lips on hers.

The moment his lips met hers, a flood of images passed through Marla’s mind. It was a moving film of every conversation they had online. She was reading her messages through his eyes and feeling his excitement and desire for her. The images overwhelmed her as he explored her mouth. She inwardly gasped at the recognition of him and felt her heart open.

She pulled back from him and reached into her bag for her keys. In seconds she had the door open. JD pushed her through it then locked it behind them. When he turned to face Marla, their mouths and arms sought each other with fever.

Marla shuddered as he ravaged her mouth. She wanted this man in her bed minutes after they exchanged words online. He sung to her soul. Her stomach flipped and she felt heated desire begin to pool between her thighs.

JD caught the scent of her arousal and inwardly smiled. She was his. He tore at her clothing, shredding her wet blouse and pulling her skirt from her body. He left her standing in her black pumps with her damp curls cling wildly to the curve of her ripe breasts as he shed his own. He pressed his muscular body to hers, pushing her against the wall. He slid his hand over her breast, across her shoulder and grasped the back of her neck with one hand. He pulled her into as deep a kiss he could, allowing him to plunder her sweet mouth. He reached for her puss with other, sliding his massive fingers through her soft down. He stroked the moist entrance to her soul. She responded, as he explored her body with his hand and flicked his thumb over her throbbing clit, with deep moans that he inhaled.

JD pulled back from her mouth. He took in her beautiful eyes and plump lips before picking her up and wrapping her body around him. “We’ve wanted this for so long,” he growled against her throat as he held her in a possessive embrace. Marla barely smiled at him before she felt the tip of his cock parting the wet entrance to her pussy. She cried out as he plunged his huge prick into her sweet center, stretching and filling her. She clung desperately to his massive shoulders as he fucked her and loved her with fervent need and abandon. Marla felt herself rising and falling as he brought her to the edge.

JD felt her pussy clench around his cock as she orgasmed and he came in response. He filled her with long strokes, savoring her cries and the feel of her slick cunt milking his thick cock. He withdrew from her sweet center and plunged in her, growling out his release, filling her gin with his hot jizz. He held Marla to him, keeping them entwined as her body rode through the aftershocks of their release. He kissed her cheek then moved his mouth lower.

“You know we’re just getting started, he breathed against her neck before scraped his teeth against the pulsing artery in her neck. 


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10 thoughts on “Twitter Crush by Jacqueline Czel

  1. Miss Tiff Eying on said:

    *Deep breath and Sigh* Dreamy….

  2. Wow! That’s all I can say. Wow!

  3. hello, i have nominated you for the liebster award

  4. I have to take a shower after reading that! 😉

  5. Ummm…..yeah….what Vampire Syndrome said 😉

  6. Jacqueline! That was awesome writing! Really intense, and i loved reading it!

  7. Wow! Just…wow! *flushed and breathing hard* :-Q

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