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Maybe Someday is Today

Today’s Brew:  Protein Shakes, baby.  Still recovering from the NFL Championship weekend food coma onslaught.


by Kristen

Ten years ago my old roommate gave me The Idiots Guide to Tarot Reading and Fortune Telling.  This book seemed so cool to me.  I couldn’t wait to learn how to do it.

About seven years ago, a friend gave me a copy of The Rosetta Stone.  How cool is that?  I always have wanted to learn French.  My mom’s side of the family is French (okay, French Canadian) and I always threatened my Memere I would learn to speak French so I’d know what she was saying when she didn’t want me to know what who she was talking shit about.  But when high school came along, it seemed to make more sense to take Spanish.  That decision always made me feel guilty, like I betrayed Memere.  Even though she’s not here anymore, I wanted to make good on my promise.

I dragged these two things around from apartment to apartment, town to town, state to state.  I never cracked them open.  But someday, I was going to do it, damn it.

Do you ever watch Hoarders?  Otherwise known as the world’s scariest show?  So many episodes you’ll see someone who lives in a pile of filth and vermin with some sort of outrageous collection that “someday” they’re going to get around to making a use for.  Is that how it starts?  All of your broken dreams piling up around you?

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions.  I’m more of the school of thought that when fancy strikes, start.  Don’t wait for January 1, don’t wait for Monday.  Just dive in.  But this year, I promised myself I would make good on my promises to myself to do these two things.

So far, I’ve been good to myself on my promise.  Neither of them are earth shattering activities.  But it feels good to finally do something that I’ve promised myself for so long that I would do.  Just that sense of accomplishment.  I may never do anything with either new skill.  Maybe I’ll use them both all the time.  It doesn’t matter.  I’m doing it for me, it makes me happy.

One thing I’ve noticed in life is the more you do, the more you are able to do.  Kind of like Julie’s last post.  You will make the time to do what you want to do.  It can happen.  It’s even a law of physics:  an object in motion tends to stay in motion, an object at rest tends to stay at rest.  I want to stay in motion.

For my next thing to cross off my to do list:  Roller Derby.  Really.  As soon as I saw it was a thing again probably longer than ten years ago, I fell in love with it.  There are some teams sort of near me, but not really.  With my schedule, I’m not sure I can commit to a team.  Well, does that mean I can’t learn how to do it?  You can still practice with the team.  February 2 the local team is having an open house.  I’m putting it here so you can all hold me to it.  I need to go to that meeting now.

So what’s on your to do list?


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5 thoughts on “Maybe Someday is Today

  1. For some reason, I always wanted to go on Buddhist retreat. Not a towering ambition, you might say, but a quantum leap for me. There is so much noise in my world, theprospect of inner peace could seem almost frightening…

  2. I’d like to learn Latin, I feel a strong pull towards it. It’s something that makes my heart sing. I’ve been putting it off for years, it’s expensive learning what is considered a “dead language” I’m off to Google Latin classes online.
    Thanks Kristen!
    You could use French in your writing.

  3. Ohh, you should sign up for Derby! I start Fresh Meat next month and it looks amazing. You might not need to commit to a team, but just skate with your local league recreationally?

  4. Hey all…back from a brutal work schedule earlier this week, so no more radio silence from me.

    You should all do these things! It might only be a small sense of accomplishment, but it feels so good to actually start these things after so many years of saying “I’d really like to…”

    Yesterday my client came in from Paris. Got to use some of my new French, and learn some more. 🙂

    Mari, DM me your address. I might be able to help with the Latin.

    Mandy, nice to meet you! I’m totally going to the open house next weekend. Probably dragging Julie along for meeting moral support. One of the girls I worked with yesterday (I do freelance work) is interested in coming with me, too. I think the Fresh Meat starts the following Monday but I don’t know if I’m too late for this session. I will find out! Working on my squats!


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