Deadly Ever After

Why Scary Stuff is Good

Today’s Brew:  Water. For some unknown reason I’ve broken out in hives and I’m afraid to have anything more interesting than that.

by Kristen

Quite a few of us are horror fans here, but that’s not the type of scary I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the real life scary stuff.  The stuff that give you unreasonable anxiety and makes you freeze in place at its very thought.

As a makeup artist, I do almost all of my work on location.  Usually it involves a crew of people that I work with on a regular basis.  In a pack, I never mind walking into an unfamiliar location.  But today I got hired to go to someone’s house to get them ready for a concert.  I was terrified.  I’d never met these people, and no one else could go with me.  I’d just talked to the lady on the phone.  Another vendor referred her to me.  Julie, as my emergency contact, had all the info about addresses and phone numbers and she instructed me to check in with her regularly, even though she thought I was being a little ridiculous.

My imagination had kicked into overdrive, as it always does in these situations.  What if they don’t want makeup and they just want to do horrible things to me?  What if they don’t pay me or rob me?  I mean, we’ve all watched the Lifetime movies.  Shit happens.

Thankfully, the people did want makeup.  They were very nice.  They paid me what they were supposed to.  No issues.

Today I made some money and some new friends, just by doing something I usually would have said no to (I don’t usually take that kind of job).  It made me think of all of the other scary things I’ve done in the past.

I’m terrified of planes, but I love to travel.  I used to stress out so badly I scared the other passengers.  If I wanted to see places, I had to get over it.

I quit a good paying full time job to go back to school.  At age thirty one.  I pursued freelance makeup artistry.  In Boston. Not Hollywood, not New York.  I never know when the phone is going to ring, and I have no safety net, but I couldn’t be happier.  I love going to work.  It took a while to build things up, but it was totally worth it.

The first time I posted my writing it was  first 100 words of my book in a Linked In group.  Someone said they’d read more.  I was over the moon.  Through that, I got involved in a monthly short story contest and now will be included in my very first anthology.  When  Immortal Dilemma went up on Authonomy, my very first comment was from someone I’d just read shred another book.  I literally shook while I waited for the comment to load.  She read the whole thing and loved it.  The comment was so awesome I wanted to rent billboard space so the whole world could see it.  Julie and I used to freeze with fear sending out queries.  OK, so the first couple didn’t go so well, but once I figured out what I was doing wrong, things improved dramatically.  Now I can share my writing without any fear.

So what scares you?  Is it holding you back?  You might find it’s not so scary after all.


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11 thoughts on “Why Scary Stuff is Good

  1. Fear Of Failure, As I Fail At Most Things I Attempt.
    That May Not Be What You’re Looking For, But That’s What Truly Scares Me.
    When I Fail, It’s Never Anything Secondary.
    It Is Me.
    And It Haunts Me.
    It Eats Me Alive.
    Especially When I Know There’s Nothing I Can Do To Fix Whatever It Is.

    I Sincerely Hope That’s What You Were Looking For.

    As For Movies…
    …”THE SHINING” Is The Only Flick That Ever Scared Me.
    The Thought Of A Loved One, Especially A Father, Whose Mission Is To Hack-You-To-Bits, Yeah, That Scares Me.
    Mainly Because He’s Supposed To Be Protecting You.
    AND I Know I Could Never Beat My Father In A Brawl.
    He’d Destroy Me.
    So Jack Nicholson In “THE SHINING” Became The Most Scary Film Character In My Lifetime.


  2. I have a phobia of everything. So what scares me is me. I’ve been working on it and I’m getting better.

  3. beaubarnett on said:

    Anytime I share anything I have written with anyone, it scares me. It’s a part of me and my soul I’m sharing, and if it’s hated? Agh. It’s like a slap in the face, like they hate me, though my brain knows that’s most likely not true at all.

  4. I’m afraid that my family, friends, coworkers, and writing associates have lied to me about my writing. I was told that I create good imagery, story ideas, and decent dialogue, but my craft could use more work, which is easier to learn than telling a good story.
    Those fears don’t hinder me, but I do get tired of kicking those thoughts to the back of my mind. It would be nice if they stayed buried.

  5. I think it’s awesome you guys had the guts to confess what your monsters under the bed are. I just had to say that. Sometimes it’s hard to say it outloud because even worse than whatever causes the fear is someone telling you it’s stupid. It’s not stupid, it’s human.


  6. I confronted one of my big fears head-on (my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, out of cell-phone range) when I drove my 52-year-old Plymouth from Denver to Seattle and back with no problems. Although I must admit that certain types of emergency repairs (ie: a busted radiator hose) would actually be much easier to fix on an older car, and I obviously didn’t have to worry about any computerized stuff failing… 😈

  7. Kristen

    I commend you for writing about what scares you. Its a brave thing indeed.
    I know that feeling you speak of. The pit in your stomach lurching with fear and your muscles tighten up… All the color in the world seem to turn morose and things just feel wrong.

    Its food for thought when you are in a situation like that and its fascinating that we always turn toward the worst things we can imagine when we face situations we have never battled through before.

    Scared? Who me? Ha!
    What scares me…
    Not publishing EVER. I don’t mind rejection but for some reason, in this facet of my life, getting kicked in the paper ‘nads seems to be scaring the crap out of me.

    I looks at you and Julie as a source of true inspiration and it makes this “writing thing” a bit easier.

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